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Curly Hair Tips

If you think taking care of straight hair is hard, then you should try taking care of curly hair.  Because curly hair is more prone to dryness, brittleness and frizzing, care for curly hair is definitely more complicated.  There are many natural hair care tips that you should follow to prevent it from frizzing up on you especially when the weather is humid.

So, if you want to care for your curly hair in the best way possible, here are some hair tips to curly hair care that you can follow.  For sure, you will have the healthiest curly hair if you just follow these hair care tips to the letter.

Tips to Care for Curly Hair

  • You should not shampoo your hair for more than two times weekly.  The hair has natural oils that could be stripped off by frequent shampooing.
  • Be sure to use a conditioner each time you shampoo to replace the oils eliminated by the shampoo's harsh ingredients.
  • To lock in your hair's moisture daily, use a conditioner that could be left on your hair without your having to rinse it off.  There are now many leave-on conditioner products in the market that you could use.
  • There are also other curly hair care products that include shampoos and conditioners that you could use instead of ordinary ones.
  • Always use wide-toothed combs to care for your curly hair.
  • Untangle your hair only when it is wet and sleek with conditioner.  Start at the ends and work your way to the top by using your fingers.  Then, you can finish untangling with a wide-toothed comb.  After untangling your hair, rinse it off, making sure that there is still an amount of conditioner left in your hair.
  • To prevent frizzing, never brush or rub your hair with a towel for it to dry.  It is best if you will let your hair dry naturally or else, blot it with a towel.
  • Apply a curly hair care product that has an ingredient that moisturizes your hair when it is still moist.  You can style your curly hair this way by applying the product section per section.
  • Hair caring of your curly hair by deep conditioning once or twice a month is a way to provide more moisture to your hair and scalp.
  • You should prevent yourself from touching your hair or playing with it much too often, as this causes undue friction.  Too much friction on your hair can result in it becoming very tangled or frizzed up.