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Black Hair Care Tips

There are generally two types of black hair that is most common among Americans. These are the Black Hair of the African-Americans and of the non-African lineage. The former is usually more coarse, dry, brittle and curly than the latter. Black Hair Care for African-Americans is usually more complex than caring for the black hair of Caucasians. It does not only entail the use of black hair care products but also having a healthy lifestyle that includes taking in a balanced diet.

Here are some black hair care tips that you could follow if you want your black hair to be lustrously healthy:

Tips on Black Hair Care

  • To lessen your hair's dryness, it will help if you will stimulate the production of your hair's natural oils through regular scalp massage.
  • It is not advisable to shampoo your hair everyday because doing this could decrease the natural oils of your hair. It is best to shampoo after every three days. If you have been doing strenuous activities, just rinse your hair with water but if you really need to shampoo to take away the sweat and grime, you could use a mild shampoo. Just make sure to use oil on your scalp and hair after you shampoo for added moisture.
  • In using a shampoo, be sure to look into black hair care products that are just mild, has extra moisturizers and a PH level that is low. Stay away from two-in-one shampoos, as they are formulated for finer hairs. It is best not to use products that have alcohol, as this ingredient could result in the drying of your hair.
  • Always make sure that you shower under warm and not hot water because this could irritate and dry your scalp. To prevent your hair from tangling when you are showering, always make sure to rub your hair in only one direction. Remember to apply a conditioner every time you shower.
  • You could towel dry your hair but only by blotting the water out. If possible, stay away from blow dryers. When your black hair is still moist, apply a leave-on conditioner for more moisture.
  • Remember to use a wide-toothed comb for your black hair and to use your fingers to ease out a knot or a tangle. As it is important for you to brush your hair daily, use a hairbrush that has soft boar bristles.
  • Use satin or silk pillowcases or wear scarves made of the same fabric when you settle down to sleep. Your hair will just slide on these fabrics, so breakage of strands could be prevented.
  • A monthly hot oil treatment is also part of black hair care.