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Permananet Hair Color at Home for Gray Hair

I am 32yrs old. 50% of my hairs are grey since the age of 12 or 13. For last 7-8years I have been using hair colors. My problem is hair color doesn’t sustain for more than 2days. Kindly tell if some permanent colors are there. What’s the cost?

Several people the world over find that their hair turns grey at a very old age. Heredity is usually accepted as the most common reason for this but there could be other reasons. If you want a hair color that will stay on for a longer period of time, you should opt for some of the more expensive brands. The best thing to do, of course, would be to consult a hair professional. A good one should be able to help you pick a good hair color that will keep your hair colored for a long time. However, I am surprised that you have not tried to use any other methods to color your hair.  You can try a variety of home remedies that will ensure that your hair is colored. What is more, this color will stay for a longer period of time, and with care, you will never look white haired at all.

The Indian gooseberry is one of the most amazing fruits and has the powerful to generate hair growth and to ensure that hair looks good. You should dry pieces of the gooseberry. These should be dried in the shade. These pieces can be stored for a year at least. Boil these pieces of dried gooseberry in a pot of coconut oil. As the oil boils the gooseberry slices will get brunt and acquire a charred look. That is time to take the oil off the heat. This oil, strained and stored, should be applied regularly on your hair. For added effect you can also heat a cup of water and drop a handful of the dried pieces in it. Boil till the water reduces and then leave it out overnight. In the morning you can use the water to rinse your hair. If you are using gooseberry powder, you can boil three tablespoons of this in half a cup of water and leave overnight. In the morning you can apply this paste to your hair. This will need to be left on your hair for at least an hour. Eating gooseberry is also beneficial in maintaining general health and   in ensuring that your hair is thick and healthy.

Almond oil is also recommended, as an effective means of darkening the hair. Apply the almond oil on the hair and the scalp and leave it on for some time. You should eat food that contains plenty of nutrients since a bad diet often causes the appearance of premature grey hair. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains are recommended.