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Hair Loss Products

How hair loss products develop healthy hair

Hair loss products must have vitamins, nutrition, amino acids, proteins and an optimal root to be healthy. Hair care products & shampoos for effective shampoo & treatments with hair care products infuse vitamins & protein for growth, shine and health. Today's hair styles are tough on hair making it dry, frizzy, etc. so, the hair care products must make you feel the salon difference with styling & growth!.

Things to know about hair loss products

Hair loss and hair care products should feed the root and repair structure to prevent dry, breaking, frizzy and splitting and correct problems associated with dry, frizzy, damage, color, styling, age and overall health. Styling in 2007 causes problems to your locks! You must replenish & feed the root, shaft and entire length from root to tip! Also see our catalog of hairstyles & new treatments.

  1. Deep cleansing of root build up shampoo.
  2. Enormous proteins, vitamins & botanicals.
  3. Gentle cleansers that are effective, not harsh.
  4. Minimize breakage and damage.
  5. End dry, frizzy and flat-hair syndromes.
  6. Create healthy scalp for hair that grows at optimal levels.

Hair care products focus on solving the problem of each individual and not just masking problems. By and large, they consist of:

  • Hair shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Styling aids
  • Best value care kits
  • Hair care catalogues
  • Vitamins

Herbal hair care products

However, concentrated shampoos and combined shampoo/conditioners make it very difficult to wash out the detergents. One may be well advised to avoid these products, if symptoms of scalp irritation or hair loss occur. In earlier days rain water was considered the best hair rinse. Today, distilled water is a good choice. Various types of skin and hair usually call for different herbal treatments to help improve hair conditions.

At the same time herbal hair oils including Burdock root oil, Nettle oil, ointment Balmflower and hair rinse work good for most types of hair. Used to treat dry scalp and dry hair conditions, these products are helpful if hair has become thin, straw-like, brittle, and split. They are also utilized to help combat hair loss. Herbal hair oils will promote hair recovery after intensive hair treatments, and help minimize hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Herbal hair care oils

Herbal hair oils moisturize scalp, reverse dry scalp and dry hair conditions, provide nutrients required to maintain normal functions of sebaceous glands and promote natural hair growth. Hair oils have been traditionally used to treat irritated stressed scalp, reduce effect of aging on hair shape and growth, combat seborrhea and alopecia. Herbal oils work through nutritional support of natural skin restorative and hair growth processes.

Dry hair tonics

All natural nourishing preparations for dry scalp and hair combines essential oils, and herbal oil extracts traditionally are used to treat hair conditions. Moisturizes and lubricates scalp, helps reduce hair loss and reverse insufficient growth, helps combat flaking, dandruff and seborrhea. Provides scalp and hair follicles with nutrients and herbal constituents to restore and stimulate metabolic processes.

Use hair tonics before the hair wash to nourish and groom the hair. Apply generously and massage tonic into the scalp with light circular movements starting with the back of the head. Cover the hair with shower cap and/or towel. Let tonic work for 1/2 to 2 hours, staying in a warm place. Shampoo the hair and thoroughly with regular water, followed by rinse with distilled or spring water. For best results rinse or immerse the hair for 10 -15 min in a herbal rinse.

Use hair tonics regularly, preferably every day to reverse dry scalp conditions, help revive thin, dull, brittle hair. If used after hair wash, dry hair with the towel leaving slightly dump hair. Apply minimal amounts of tonic to the scalp with fingertips or cotton swab and gently massage into the hair roots.