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Ayurveda and Feet care

One of the most abused parts of the body is the feet. In almost everything that you do, you always make use of your feet. These carry your whole body wherever you go. Feet care may be relaxing and several ways in taking care of your feet are foot spa, foot massage and pedicure.
Aside from these everyday techniques, the Ayurveda technique is also useful in foot care. Ayurveda is the ancient healing in India, has formulated some ways wherein you can pamper and take care of your feet.

Here are the things that you can do and apply to your feet.

  • Before taking a bath, perform the ayurvedic massage. You can do this by massaging your feet and every toe, from the ankles to the heels and soles with the use of warm oil. Massage in a circular manner around the heels and ankles.  This massage improves lubrication and flow of the blood in the foot area. It likewise facilitates drawing of toxins to the surface for release. The warm oil which is used for the massage should contain ayurvedic herbs to assist your feet to be strong and flexible. Wipe excess oil before taking your bath to prevent any injury or accident.
  • While taking a bath, wash your feet with warm water. Scrub your heels with the use of a foot brush to remove dead cells. You should also use cleanser to prevent bacteria to thrive between the toes causing bad odor of the feet. After your bath, you can apply moisturizing lotion to keep the feet smooth. You can also apply an exfoliating mixture at least once a month to remove difficult to remove dead skin.
  • In choosing your shoes, look for pairs that are comfortable for you. Allow a small allowance between your toes and the shoes to allow movement. Wear high heels only when needed because the higher the heels of the shoes, the more difficult it is for the feet to relax. Replace worn out shoes. Protect feet by using socks especially on cold weather. During warm weather, you can barefoot around the house to let the feet to breathe.
  • When sitting down, make ensure that you have the proper posture. If you stay in a certain place for sometime, take little breaks in between by walking around. You can also use footsie roller while in your work station.
  • At the end of the day, before you finally sleep, you can give your feet a relaxing massage. Massage your foot and lower leg to have a good night sleep. You can use a small amount of oil like almond or jojoba, to massage your feet and lower legs for 3 to 5 minutes, giving enough time for the body to absorb the oil. After it, you can already directly sleep even without washing your feet.
  • If you experience tired and stressed feet, you can soak your feet to relieve the tension and stress from it. You can use the herbal foot soak recipe made for the Ayurveda healing.There are also other foot care products for perspiring and sweaty feet made from Ayurveda products in the form of natural powder which are as effective as the commercial foot care products that you see in the market.
  • Give importance to your feet.Take time to relax and take care of it in the same manner as you take care of your other body parts.