wasp sting

  • Occurrence of dark spots on lips and swelling of lips in the morning
    Developing dark spots on lips, swelling on the lips: My lips have developed dark spots. They itch and sting after eating certain foods and are sometimes swollen when I wake up![...]

  • Insect Stings - Insect Bites and Stings Treatment & Insect Itch Remedy
    Please suggest insect bites and stings treatment & tips to treat insect itch. If you have been bitten by an insect, there are several simple home remedies you can follow to take care of the insect sting and the stinging, itching, burning and the insect sting swelling that may follow[...]

  • Heal insect bites - How to soothe and heal mosquito and other insect bites
    To heal an insect bite that is looking sore, red and hard, you need to first make certain that this is indeed a mosquito bite. There are several insects that could have bitten you which may have resulted in looking like your description. Normally, mosquito bites do not fit this[...]

  • Tips to use papaya and pineapple to get rid of the black color on eye & reduce discoloration
    If you have a black eye caused due to a blow or another kind of injury, the most precious gift you can give to the eye is to sleep. Rest is the best way of healing the black eye. If less than a day has elapsed after the injury, then[...]

  • Can medical operations and large amounts of medications cause greater than normal hair fall?
    If you have suffered through two medical operations and have taken exceptionally large amounts of medication, then it is indeed possible that you are suffering from greater than normal hair fall due to this reason. However, if you are off those drugs, you can go about taking positive steps to[...]

  • Ant Bite Treatment | Ant Bite Remedy | Symptoms of Ant Bite
    Ants are small creatures that pretty much mind their own business but can sometimes bite if they feel threatened. If you happen to step on an ant mound, they are sure to bite. Ants usually move around in groups. If you encounter a lone ant, it is likely that you[...]

  • Avoid the Swimmer’s Itch
    Swimmer’s ItchIt is always fun to flock to the lakes and the beach to get a cool refreshing dip.  But the risk of getting swimmer’s itch is high.  It starts with a skin rash that is so itchy, you wish you never went swimming[...]

  • Tips to Enhance Lip Colour
    Enhance lip color Dark, discoloured lips can be a result of pigmentation caused due to exposure to the sun or hormones. It can also be a consequence of smoking or consumption of caffeine since this cuts the natural supply of oxygen to the lips, thus leaving them discoloured and[...]

  • Skin Care Product from France
    French Skin ProductsFrench skin care is inculcated with a profound appreciation and respect of nature's beauty and bounty. The French women care very seriously for their skin and they practice good habits of skin care at home. They use a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, toner, skin masks to protect[...]

  • Hair Removal: Natural Methods & Side Effects of Hair Removal
    Natural Methods for Hair RemovalYou can try several methods of hair removal at home which are inexpensive as well as effective. Chose a razor with twin blades for a shaving closely. It may come with a flexible heads so that it follows the contours of the body & the risk[...]

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