• Scleroderma-Connective Tissue Disorder | Scleroderma Complications
    Scleroderma-Connective Tissue Disorder and Scleroderma Complications Scleroderma Treatment - Obtain Relief from Scleroderma ComplicationsScleroderma is an uncommon, gradually advancing disorder that causes hardening or thickening of skin tissue and stiffening up of the skin. The disease typically begins as some dry patches of skin that tend to get harder and[...]

  • Skin Whitening Tips
    Tips to Whiten Skin This blackness can be due to hyperpigmentation of skin. Hyper-pigmentation is a type of skin darkening which occurs when certain areas skin cells release more skin pigment – melanin. It is usually not an issue of worry but it can also be due to[...]

  • Re-pigmentation of skin Remedy | Treatment for vitiligo skin disorder
    First you need to determine whether white patches have developed on your cheeks and mouth area, or whether the rest of your skin has darkened. Both these conditions occur due to different reasons and as such it is important to analyze them before taking any measures to treat it. White[...]