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  • Scaly Itchy Rash Causes, Scaly Skin Rash
    Scaly Skin Rash: I wanted to know more about the causes and symptoms of scaly skin rash. Can anyone help?[...]

  • Treating Dry Scaly Skin
    Dry Scaly Skin: What is are the remedies for Dry Scaly Skin. Pls Help![...]

  • Advice on Skin Rash Types
    Types of Skin RashA rash is a common skin problem that can occur due to various factors. There are numerous types of skin rashes affecting our skin. It is very important to know about the types of rashes. The most common type of skin rash which affect our skin is[...]

  • Get rid of scaly skin using home remedies
    Skin that is in good health is always well moisturized and smooth, it is never scaly. The structure of human skin is one which is a continuous sheet of epithelial tissue. This is the only protection that humans have against the outside elements. Your condition of scaly skin, at the[...]

  • Skin Rash Treatment
    Advice on Dermatology Skin RashA skin rash is a common skin problem so many people tend to neglect this skin condition. Anybody can experience a skin rash.  A skin rash is the condition of the skin in which the skin undergoes a change in color and texture. The skin[...]

  • Advice on Breast Skin Rash
    Causes and Treatment of Beast Skin RashBreast rash results from sweating or wearing an ill-fitting bra which can rub against the breast. Use of loose-fitting bra is the simple solution for this kind breast rash. Sometimes allergic reactions can occur due to the material used for making the[...]

  • Natural Remedy for Dry Skin & Scaly Facial Skin with Natural Dry Skin Treatment
    Scaly Skin on Legs, Extremely Dry Skin Treatment I have scaly skin on my legs so I avoid wearing short skirts, It reduces my confidence too - My leg skin is scaly and very dry; what can I do? Please tell me a home cure.Sometimes we notice that our skin[...]

  • Pictures of Skin Rash
    Photos of Skin RashSkin rash means an area of swollen or irritated skin that may be itchy, red, scaly, bumpy or blistered. It may originate from other diseases like chicken pox, rosacea, psoriasis, parasitic infestation, allergies, irritating substances and genetic factors. It also may be caused due to hormonal changes[...]

  • Discolored and dried wrinkled lip caused by overexposure to sunlight and nutritional deficiencies
    What causes dried wrinkled dark lips? Discolored and dried wrinkled lips are most common during winter and can be extremely painful. Sebum glands in our skin produce sebum which is a kind of natural oil that forms a barrier and protects our skin from the elements. The skin on our[...]

  • Natural Treatment for Skin Rash
    Advice on Skin RashSkin rash is characterized by bumps, redness, cracks, blotches, swelling and blisters on skin which may be accompanied by itching. It may be localized or get spread to entire body. Some common categories of skin rash are scaly patches not caused by infection, scaly patches of skin[...]

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