pyogenic granuloma

  • Pyogenic Granuloma | The Skin Disorder Known as Pyogenic Granuloma
    Pyogenic GranulomaPyogenic granuloma is described as little ugly bumps of raw skin tissues.  They look like raw meat coming out of the skin.  It can occur in children and younger adults.  More females than males are afflicted.  In pregnant women, this occurs during the first three[...]

  • Granuloma annulare Read causes, symptoms and cures
    Causes and Treatment for Granuloma annulareA long standing chronic condition, Granuloma annulare is characterized by the appearance of upraised slightly or sometimes normal skin colored swellings that look like lesions. These lesions seem to form some sort of a ring pattern, and is commonly observed on hands and feet on[...]

  • Ocular Infection: Pinky Eye or Bacterial Conjunctivitis
    Ocular InfectionThe conjunctivitis ocular infection is a type of eye infection which results in the inflammation of the eye's outermost layer as well as the inner surface of the eyelids. The affliction causes a reddening of the eyes which is the main cause of why it is known as[...]