• Alternative Ways of Perming
    Hair perming: What is the difference between acid & alkaline perms?[...]

  • Hair perming tips, Hair perm suggestions and treatments
    Hair perming for permanently curling the hair Getting perms done in your hair is an artificial way of curling and is not meant to be a permanent change. If you are looking at permanently curling your hair, then this hair care tip is not advisable at all, because of the[...]

  • Protect hair from damage by avoiding hair perming
    Avoiding perming of hair very often will not expose hair to harsh chemicals and will prevent hair from damage: I just got my hair permed and the ends are straight. Is it safe to perm it more than 1 times in a week?[...]

  • Permed hair care | How to straighten permed hair | Perming hair tips
    Permed hair treatment with olive oil for smooth hair growth. Hair perming tips for healthy and smooth hair: How do I reverse a perm?[...]

  • Types of hair perms and perming solutions
    What are the different types of perms and ways of hair perming? The word perm is basically a shortening of the term “permanent wave”, used to describe any treatment that permanently causes hair to become wavy or curly. Earlier, the term was also used to describe permanent straightening of hair[...]

  • Damaged hair repair and treatment for strong hair growth
    Hair breakage treatment using egg and natural hair oils like castor oil and almond oil Excessive hair perming is one of the main causes of brittle and damaged hair. If the perming gel gets left in your hair for a long time, your hair will break very easily. You need[...]

  • Question on hair perming
    Information On Hair PermingToday there are a variety of methods to perm hair, and the time taken to complete the process varies depending upon the method used. The quickest method is probably one that uses chemicals such as sodium thioglycolate, and not heat.The hair is curled on rods, after[...]

  • What are the harmful effects of doing a perm with inappropriate products or perming frequently?
    The term "perm" is an abbreviated form of the word "permanent", as it stands for a process through which the shape and the structure of hair are mechanically and chemically changed on a long-term basis. Frequently, perming involves blow-drying the hair and using hot tongs or curlers on[...]

  • Perm –New Look of Style
    Perm - The New LookThe face is the most important or the first thing a person would look at when meeting or having an encounter with someone.  It is important that we know what suits our face to make ourselves more attractive.  Being creative with the hair is usually[...]

  • Hair Perming
    Hair Perming Today's new perms are professionally designed for the active; on-the-go lifestyle. There is a special perm for every individual, depending on the texture; condition and style of the hair. Every perm can and should be as individual as your own hairstyle and lifestyle. Any[...]

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