moles on face

  • How to get your moles removed - Tips for removal of moles & to get rid of facial moles
    How to get your moles removed Medical research as well as the scientific community worldwide has not decried the use of laser surgery on the face for the removal of moles. There is absolutely no reason why you should consider it unsafe to get your moles removed in any way[...]

  • Natural remedies for treating moles | Dark blemish home remedies
    Moles are usually dark blemishes on the skin which may be slightly raised in comparison to the surrounding area. They are caused due to an abnormal concentration of the pigment cells under the skin. Some people are born with moles and some appear and disappear on their own spontaneously and[...]

  • Is it helpful to use Aloe Vera to remove a mole, what else can I do for mole removal?
    Can I use Aloe Vera to remove mole? Aloe vera is unlikely to do anything about your mole. The plant is extremely useful for a number of skin problems, but its effectiveness tends to be exaggerated slightly. Not every skin problem can be treated by using aloe vera. A mole[...]

  • Moles – Dark coveted beauty spots
    MolesThe dark coveted beauty spots on some people’s face that you envy are nothing but a form of skin lesions called moles. Skin moles can also be in the form of raised, hairy spots for some. ‘Nevi’ is the medical term given to moles.  Moles[...]

  • Pigmented Spots & Non-Malignant Cluster of Skin Colored Cells
    Moles and Non-Malignant Cluster of Skin Colored CellsMoles, in medical terminology are recognized medically as nevi. Moles are clustering of skin colored cells that give the impression of tiny dark brown spots, usually much darker than the skin. Moles can appear in a variety of skin hued colors and[...]

  • Mole removal tips and techniques - Cryotherapy and Laser therapy
    Get rid of moles using methods of cryotherapy, laser therapy and electric cauterization. Excision and lancing techniques are also good mole removal treatments: Please suggest how can I remove my mole by easy and natural way?[...]

  • Spot Skin Cancer in Early Stage
    Skin Cancer DiagnoseSince this type of cancer affects the skin, it is natural to assume that the first signs of this disease will manifest themselves on your skin. Usually, it is believed that skin cancer affects those areas of the body which are exposed to the sun. However, this is[...]

  • Symptoms of Skin Cancer in Early Stage
    Skin Cancer Early Stage IdentificationSkin cancer causes the skin cells to grow and multiply abnormally. The cells are required to divide at a normal rate in order to regenerate new skin and replace the dead skin cells. When the skin cells start to multiply abnormally, they form a tumour, which[...]

  • Avoid warts by limiting your physical contact with people suffering from warts & not use their personal items
    Since you are already on medication for acne these bumps seem like something related to acne. You should consult your doctor and seek his opinion on the bumps. Are they painful? Do they seem to be getting larger or have they remained the same size since you first noticed them[...]

  • What are white or black mark on skin
    White mark on skin may have different diagnoses.They may be -Lichen ,Ringworms,early stage of leucoderma or simple dipigmentation due to an injury or trauma.The black dry marks on face may be moles or tanned cells,they can be blackish pimples called acne and their variants.Dr Murtaza[...]

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