• Treating melasma using home remedies | Freckles Treatment
    How to get rid of melasma and freckles on nose and cheeks? Freckles and Melasma both occur as a result of direct exposure from the sun and genetic placement. Freckles and melasma usually form as a result of an increased rate in the pigment producing cells in the skin. The[...]

  • What are the causes of having pigments over upper lips part and around the chin part
    From your description, the pigmentation problem that you have seems to be what is known as melasma. This is simply discoloration of the skin, and while it may not look very pretty, you can at least take some comfort in the fact that it has no other symptoms. Melasma usually[...]

  • How to get rid of dark circle on face and cure the skin
    Treating dark round circle on facial skin The dark circles on your cheeks could be melasma. This skin condition is mainly acquired because of overexposure of melanocytes (pigment cells in the skin) to the rays of the sun. This results in irregular, dark patches which can be generally found on[...]

  • Brown Spots on Lips, Face | Facial Brown Spots
    Treatment for Spots on FaceGenerally, brown spots appear on the face during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, then the brown spots on your face might have appeared due to it. However, sometimes the brown spots or patches can appear without being pregnant also. The spots that appear during pregnancy are[...]

  • Hyper pigmentation treatment with pigmentation creams to reduce hyperpigmentation & Melasma
    Reduce Hyperpigmentation, Pigmentation Creams and Hyper Pigmentation Treatment, Melasma Hyperpigmentation My complexion is wheatish and I am having a severe pigmentation problem on my hands and back. I just want to know that what is the permanent cure of this problem so that I can get my original skin tone[...]

  • Home Remedies for Brown Skin Discoloration: Types & Natural Treatment
    Home remedies for Brown Skin DiscolorationFreckles, age spots, liver spots or melasma (pregnancy mask) are forms of Brown Skin Discoloration. They are formed on sun exposed areas like hands, face, chest, back & neck. Accumulation of the skin pigment melanin is the cause of skin discoloration. This pigment is continuously[...]

  • Skin Care Product for Pregnant
    Skin Products during PregnancyPregnancy is a period that brings rapid changes in woman's body. Hormonal fluctuations during this period can put impact on every organ. It is specifically stressful time for your skin. You may notice some extreme changes in texture and tone of your skin. Common skin[...]

  • Brown Skin Spots Health Advice: Caused due to Overactive Cells
    Health advice on Brown Skin SpotsBrown Skin Spots are formed due to friction, pressure, damage, injury, trauma, sun exposure, topical & oral medications & hormonal changes. Melanocytes are melanin producing cells which are responsible for skin pigmentation or skin color. If this cell dies then the skin tone becomes lighter[...]

  • Get rid of dark patch on facial skin using natural treatment
    Skin care tips and treatments to lighten the dark patches on face If the dark skin is occurring in patches, then you certainly have a health problem, although it may not necessarily be a severe one. Normally, skin becomes dark only when it is exposed to sunlight. This is a[...]

  • Please suggest tips to reduce darkness of skin around the neck and around the mouth
    This kind of hyperpigmentation is quite a common problem, and can be due to several reasons. The darkening of your neck skin is probably just a simple tan - for most people, the neck and hands are areas that are almost always exposed. As a result, they receive a lot more[...]

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