mehndi designs

  • Nail Decoration
    Nail ArtArt knows no boundaries. There is no surface, no matter how large or small that escapes an artist’s instruments of expression, be it canvass, the walls of a building, the side of a mountain, the ceiling of a church, or some other non-traditional location. Even the[...]

  • Hair Accessories - snoods
    You may have wondered how Queen Elizabeth fixed her hair and what holds it that makes it look so elegant. It is the same accessory that most brides wear on their wedding day. It has come up with different versions and designs but all the same these are the snoods[...]

  • Hair Accessories
    Hair AccessoriesHair accessories can, and have, in the past, changed a woman’s whole look. But finding the right hair accessories can sometimes feel like the most time consuming process. Haven’t you ever noticed that whenever you know exactly what you want, oftentimes it can be the[...]

  • The Long Romance with Nail Polish and the Fashion World
    Nail PolishOne of the hallmarks of a glamorous woman is the color of her nails. Nail polish has long been a tell-tale sign of a woman who cares about her looks and goes to the limit to look her best and most beautiful.The practice of applying nail polish[...]

  • False nails
    Fake Nails There are many women who are not contented with their current physical attributes. They want to be bigger here, smaller there, rounder here, etc. Hence, those who can afford it go thru enhancement and/or augmentation treatments. There are no sacred cows. Even nails are being considered for[...]

  • Toenail Decoration
    Decorate your ToenailsThe toenails are made up of naked nerve endings found in almost every tissue of the toe. When the toe nails get decorated, the painted toenails can be classified into two major types: fast-dry painted toenails and slow-dry painted toenails. Fast-dry painted toenails is ready[...]

  • Properly Taking Care of Hair Braids for Kids
    There are so many mothers who prefer to dress up their kids' hairs in braids. This is because aside from being quite stylish, hair braids for kids are very charming to look at. For some reason, braids make young girls look cuter and sweeter as well as more endearingly feminine[...]

  • Stars for hair
    Believe it or not, stars don’t just reside up high in the skies. Why, people go gaga over stars viewing. Yes, there are those who are so obsessed with stars that they allot specific time of the year stars viewing. With the use of powerful telescopes, star lovers[...]