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  • Henna for Hair: For That Sparkling Look
    Henna, said to be of Persian origin, is a shrub whose leaves and flowers are used to make the reddish colorant as a cosmetic for skin and hair since the early times.  The red-orange dye molecules it produces is compatible with protein so it could be used to[...]

  • How to treat broken hair
    Alternative Treatment for Healthy HairThere are some extremely easy methods to make your hair healthy again. The first thing to do in a situation such as yours is to cut your hair short. Once you have short hair, you can actually begin a maintenance routine for it so that it[...]

  • Nail Decoration
    Nail ArtArt knows no boundaries. There is no surface, no matter how large or small that escapes an artist’s instruments of expression, be it canvass, the walls of a building, the side of a mountain, the ceiling of a church, or some other non-traditional location. Even the[...]

  • Home made tips to grow long hair
    Natural Treatment for Hair GrowthYou can follow some simple home remedies for good hair growth. The first thing to do is to stop using fine-tooth combs, as these will always have a tendency to entangle your hair and break it prematurely. Try to use wide-tooth combs that will[...]

  • Natural Cures for Dandruff
    Dandruff home remedies Dandruff is normal, but can get very irritating if not taken care off.  It basically happens when the scalp starts to shed its dead skin cells in large amounts. The reasons dandruff occur are a poor diet, hormonal imbalances or lack of hygiene. The scales[...]

  • Natural Treatment for Healthy Hair
    Alternative Treatment for Healthy HairYou can begin by making attempts to restore the health and vitality of your hair. The first step in this direction would be to cut your hair short so that its texture is even throughout. Then, you can begin with a proper routine of regular hair[...]

  • Healthy Hair Remedy
    Home Remedies for Healthy Hair GrowthYou can grow healthy hair at any point in your life. However, when it comes to length, you must realize that by the time you have passed 30 years of age, your hair is probably used to remaining at a certain length. If you have[...]

  • Home treatment for hair
    Natural Treatment for Hair GrowthThere are several excellent and easily available home remedies that can that can help encourage good hair growth. You can massage your scalp with warm almond or olive oil at night and wash it the next morning. Both these oils encourage good hair growth. At least[...]

  • Treatment of Thinning Hair with Home Treatment for Hair Loss to Cure Hair Loss
    Hair Treatment for Thinning Hair, Home Treatment for Hair LossHi, I am Vishal! My hair got thin and I am losing my hair so much, Please advise some home treatment for hair loss tips that helps re-growth of my hair.Hair thinning and hair loss can be caused by[...]

  • Hair Accessories - snoods
    You may have wondered how Queen Elizabeth fixed her hair and what holds it that makes it look so elegant. It is the same accessory that most brides wear on their wedding day. It has come up with different versions and designs but all the same these are the snoods[...]

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