• Skin Rash On Back, Skin Rash Back Causes and Treatment
    Skin Rash Back Causes Skin rash back, which is also called back rash, is an eruption on the skin of back. There are a number of reasons, which can lead to development of back skin rash. in some cases it is just a heat rash, while in some it is[...]

  • Skin Rash and Fever - Symptoms and Treatments for Skin Rash Fever
    When you woke up today, you thought it was another normal day. But when you looked in the mirror you went completely beserk! You just had some fever last night, but what's this? You are all red! If you have had high fever and then got the rash, then[...]

  • Causes and Symptoms of Child Skin Rash
    Effects of Rashes on Children Rash causes the change of color, texture, dry, bumpy and warm skin. In children rashes are caused due to allergies, chickenpox, and measles, Ringworm on body, sunburn, scabies and eczema. Childhood diseases have different kinds of rashes. Any kind of rash should be takes seriously[...]

  • Skin Rashes Face, Skin Rash Face Causes
    Skin Rashes On The Face Face also is prone to all types of rashes. Among them the most common rashes, occurring on the face is infection. There are many types of infections like measles, chicken pox or any other type of fungal and bacterial infections. Though fungus and bacterial are[...]

  • Skin Rash Treatment
    Advice on Dermatology Skin RashA skin rash is a common skin problem so many people tend to neglect this skin condition. Anybody can experience a skin rash.  A skin rash is the condition of the skin in which the skin undergoes a change in color and texture. The skin[...]

  • Skin Rash Inside Elbow Symptoms, Skin Rash Elbow
    Advice on Skin Rash on Elbow An elbow rash is the development of rash on the skin of elbow. The skin on elbow is very much prone to rashes and the elbow rashes are very troublesome as well. This is because as the skin on elbow moves as we movement[...]

  • Skin Rash in Children
    Advice on Skin Rash in KidsSkin rash may be caused by many factors like a drug reaction, an infection or allergic reaction. Most of the rashes caused in childhood do not harm your child and go away over time but some of them have a life-threatening effect. Many childhood[...]

  • Skin Rash on Eyes
    Causes and Symptoms of Rash on EyesSkin rashes can affect any part of our body. An eruption on the skin of the eye is known as eye skin rash. Some of the causes of eye rashes are extreme heat, conjunctivitis, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, HIV infection, dry skin, skin cancer[...]

  • Causes and Symptoms of Burning Skin Rash
    Effects and Medications of Burning Skin RashSkin rash is a term that is associated with a group of spots, changes in the texture and color of the skin and area of inflammation. It is generally related to burning, itching, pain, tingling and swelling of the skin. The skin rashes may[...]

  • Treatment for Blotchy Skin Rash
    Advice on Blotchy Skin RashBlotchy skin rash is caused by two conditions including contact dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis. It features changes in texture and color of the skin. Contact dermatitis may be due to allergic reaction to chemicals in latex, elastic and rubber products, dyes and other chemicals in clothes[...]

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