• Round face makeup
    Makeup for round face: How can I use makeup to increase the look of a round face?[...]

  • Diets for lightening skin color
    Eating antioxidant rich foods like green vegetables, seafood containing omega fatty acids and vitamin E gives lustrous skin: What will help me to lighten dark skin? I do not look nice in pictures I do wear makeup[...]

  • Home Cures for Pimple Scars
    Acne scar remedies: My skin scars very easily. Lately I've really noticed that where I have had acne is now a purple scar. Is there a way to lighten and make less noticeable without wearing makeup everyday?[...]

  • The “staining” effect is usually seen only in heavy drinkers of tea and coffee, a cup a day cannot stain lips
    Lips getting stained because of drinking one cup of tea or coffee a day: I do not drink much coffee and tea but over the years it seems to have stained my upper lip and now I put makeup on it all the time, how to get rid of this[...]

  • The Beautiful Bride and the Perfect Bridal Makeup
    Bridal MakeupAny bride or every bride wants to look her best when she walks down the aisle for her wedding. It is every woman's dream to be the envy of the crowd during her wedding.Apart from the luxurious dress, the shiny jewels and the limelight, one of the[...]

  • Makeup Tips for Men Make Them Look Nice
    There are heterosexuals.  There are homosexuals.  And then came the metrosexuals.  Metrosexuals by definition are men who have a sound artistic or visual sense.  They are men who are turning excessive attention on appearance and style.  They are normally likened to some homosexuals and transvestites[...]

  • Facial Skin Care - Home Remedies for Beautiful Face Skin Care
    Face care refers to the process of taking care of your face either by getting a facial done or even just cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing your face by yourself. Face care is done to ensure that your facial skin remains nourished and healthy. You can also do certain changes to[...]

  • Appropriate Makeup for Monsoon
    Monsoon MakeupRainy season may pose a great challenge for you to maintain that prim and proper makeup. During the monsoon season, it is more like sheets, so makeup may wash off as likely as not. Moreover, the humidity factor is also higher during the monsoon season, so this will add[...]

  • The Most Essential Makeup Tools for Women
    There are some women who feel satisfied with themselves even if they are not wearing makeup. On the other hand, most women think it impossible to go out without applying makeup first. From blush-on, to lipstick, to mascara and to foundation creams, you can find these within a woman[...]

  • Glowing Skin with the Right Foundation
    For centuries, women have used all kinds of makeup to enhance their beauty or even for some sort of fashion. Today, the cosmetic industry has already increased the production of this kind of beauty products into a multibillion-dollar industry. From lipsticks to eye shadows to eyebrow pencils to foundation[...]

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