• What causes hives | What are hives | What do hives look like | Causes of hives
    What are Hives? Hives are a skin eruption identified by red, itchy welts. They are a common occurrence.  Medically, hives are referred to as urticaria. Hives appear in clusters. They are caused by fluid leaks from small blood vessels in the skin. This fluid collects under the skin and[...]

  • How to get rid of hives | Natural treatment for hives | Remedies for hives
    What are Hives? Hives refers to a skin condition where in itchy red welts erupt on the surface of the skin. They may appear as single welts or in clusters. They tend to be itchy and can cause some swelling as well. Hives are also referred to as Urticaria and[...]

  • Natural Hives Remedies | Natural cure for hives | Treat hives at home
    What are Hives or Urticaria:Hives is medically known as Urticaria, is a condition where red, itchy welts erupt on the surface of the skin in reaction to allergens or as a result of environmental triggers. Those who suffer from hives are constantly on the look for effective treatment for[...]

  • Hives and Angioedema: Symptoms of Hives & Hives Information
    Hives Skin Allergy - Utricaria Skin Disease TreatmentOne of the most common types of skin allergies is the one, which we all know as hives.   Also termed as urticaria, this skin condition is characterized by red welts that are normally raised and itchy that come in a variety of[...]

  • Pictures of Skin Rash
    Photos of Skin RashSkin rash means an area of swollen or irritated skin that may be itchy, red, scaly, bumpy or blistered. It may originate from other diseases like chicken pox, rosacea, psoriasis, parasitic infestation, allergies, irritating substances and genetic factors. It also may be caused due to hormonal changes[...]

  • Skin allergy and rash | Causes of Skin Allergy Rash | Allergic Hives
    What is Skin Rash A rash is an eruption that occurs on the skin. The rash usually appears in a cluster of eruptions that may materialize all over the body or be concentrated in one particular part of the body. The onset of skin allergy rashes are usually accompanied by[...]

  • Advice on Aids Skin Rash
    Skin Rash and AidsA virus called Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Patients with AIDS lose their immunity, due to which they become more susceptible to bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Skin conditions that occur due to AIDS are quite severe. People with AIDS are more[...]

  • Home treatment for break out
    Information on Pimples and RashIt is not clear exactly what you mean by "break out" — this could mean either pimples or a rash. If you are referring to pimples, you are probably suffering from acne. Since you say that you have already tried every product available, you[...]

  • Skin Rashes on Face Treatment | Facial Rash Cure | Remedy for Face Rash
    Skin Rashes on Face A rash refers to abnormal eruptions on the skin. These eruptions affect the texture and appearance of the skin – the skin develops red patches and the rash bumps disrupt the smooth surface of the skin. The rashes are generally accompanied by blisters, pricking and itching[...]

  • Red Itchy Bumps on Skin
    Red Bumps on SkinRed bumps on skin that are itchy could either be hives or Psoriasis. While hives are an allergic reaction the causes of psoriasis are not really known. Hives generally go away in a while without treatment and can be prevented by avoiding exposure to allergens that trigger[...]

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