hair cuts

  • Oval Shape Face Hair Style
    Advice on Hair StyleAnkita, you are lucky that your face is oval shaped which is considered as ideal face shape. The oval face is known as the most versatile face. People with an oval face shape can have variety of hair cut styles and lengths. Any hair style is suitable[...]

  • Basic Hair Cutting Tool – Hair Clippers
    Hair ClippersThe hair needs care. One way to care for it is the periodical trimming it needs. However you want it the hair clipper is an all-important tool which can give you the right hair cuts you want. The market is flooded with different kinds of hair clippers. But[...]

  • Treat a bad cut, Treat a small cut, Treat cut Infection due to Shaving
    Treating a Deep Cut due to ShavingHi, I got a deep cut while shaving. Can you please let me know what to use and how to treat a deep cut? Also please provide information about how to treat cut skin infectionIn order to take care of skin that has been[...]

  • Tips on getting the perfect hair cut
    Hair CutsDo you feel like getting a new haircut because you hate your new haircut? Or are you clueless in finding your next haircut style? Then again, are you trying to maintain a new haircut - bob hair cut, layered hair cut, celebrity hair cut? Then again, all of us have[...]

  • Suggestions for an easy cut for a person with small face, thin body and thick wavy hair
    In order to get an easy cut, you should consult a professional beauty parlor which has the technology and equipment that can show you the simulated image of your face with a variety of cuts. This will give you a very good idea as to how you will end up[...]

  • Treatment for greasy hair
    Wash your hair frequently with a nourishing shampoo. Excessive brushing activates the sebum, making it more sticky. Have a simple hair cut and light perming is recommended. A previously answered query is available at,[...]

  • Technique of morphing for styling the hair
    A bad hair style decision can completely ruin the way you look even if you have wonderful hair and a perfect outfit. Thus it is extremely important to consider your face cut when you are deciding your hair style. Many hair salons these days have the options of previewing how[...]

  • Hairstyle for small faces | Haircuts for small faces
    It is difficult to recommend any one haircut over the other without first seeing a photo of yours. If you have a small face and are skinny, then any hairstyle should suit you. You have not mentioned what kind of hair you have. This makes it difficult to give you[...]

  • Often shaving leaves hair follicles vulnerable to infection resulting in boils a couple of days later.
    Are you sure that you are referring to pores, or are you rather referring to pimples or boils? Pores are not things that come and go. They are natural structures in the human skin, and are present all through our lives, but for most of our lives they are fine[...]

  • How to Achieve a Simple and Easy Hairstyle
    Easy HairstyleThere are several easy hairstyles that can be used for causal outings or special occasions. Usually celebrities set the trends for a quick and easy hairstyle. An easy hairstyle can be accomplished very quickly and is perfect for an individual who is constantly on the go. There are several[...]

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