• How to reduce crow's feet appearnce problem
    Apply fresh Papaya juice or egg white to reduce appearance of crow’s feet: I am 29 and suddenly from last one week I am watching some crow feet in my left eyes. Eyelashes and upper eyes skin is getting extreme loose. Please help to get rid of them[...]

  • What causes orange/yellow eyelids and eyebrows
    The cause for yellow orange eyelids may be -1]Too much of strain to the eyes 2]Anaemia that is deficiency of blood3]Infections due to staphylococcus or steptococcus bacterias leafing to oedematous eyebrows with such colours,tarsal tumours ,chalazae etc4]Viral attacks 5]Drug addiction of any kind.6[...]

  • Castor oil and aloe vera gel to make your eyebrows grow thicker and faster
    If your eyebrows have been plucked too thin, the first thing you would need to do is make some small and simple cosmetic changes to them. For urgent occasions when you need to appear perfectly groomed, you can always use mascara on your eyebrows as well as eyelashes. Using a[...]

  • The Mask That Showed Not Covered
    MascaraA mask is a facial covering that hides the face of the beholder, it deceives the onlookers and it can make so much difference in a person’s social life. From the Italian word for mask, mascara is a cosmetic which is applied to the eyelashes to give it[...]

  • Signs and Symptoms of Eczema: Eczema Symptoms and Treatment
    Signs and Indications of Eczema: Eczema Symptoms TreatmentEczema symptoms change from person to person. The most common symptoms of eczema are dry scaly and itchy skin; fissures behind the ears; rashes or small bumps on the cheeks the arms and the legs. The itchy feeling is a critical indication of[...]

  • Swelling of the eyes | Treat acne | Natural treatments for pimples
    The swelling under your eyes could have resulted due to various reasons. It could be a sty, which is a bacterial infection of the hair follicles in the eyelashes. Swelling or puffiness could also occur due to lack of proper sleep, poor nutrition, inadequate intake of water and fluid retention[...]

  • Face skin pigmentation treatment by applying lime on pigmented marks
    Pigmentation is a common problem in the teenage years. It can be caused by factors such as skin damage from overexposure to sunlight, regular use of poor quality make up, and so on, but hormonal changes in the body seem to be the main culprit. The problem usually subsides on[...]

  • How to remove facial hair using easy natural home remedies
    How to remove facial hair naturally at home? Hirsutism is a fairly common condition where the facial or body hair tends to be of quite a prominent color. While most men are not greatly affected, it can have n extremely adverse effect on the aesthetic appeal of a woman. Approximately[...]

  • What is Leucoderma | Vitiligo Information and facts | White Patches on Skin
    Information on Vitiligo Skin Disorder Vitiligo commonly known as leucoderma is a skin pigmentation disorder that is characterized by discolored patches on the skin.  This condition is formed when the skins cells responsible for the production of pigments, melanocytes, are destroyed. Thus, this gives rise to the appearance of white[...]

  • Sty Eyelid Bumps - Information on Types of Sty Eye Infection
    Sty Eye Infection - How do you get Sty?Styes can affect anyone at any age, but chances of getting them increase as a person becomes more stressed. Both males and females possess the same risk of suffering from styes during their lifetime. They can occur inside or outside of the[...]

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