brunette hair color

  • Procedure to remove hair color
    Hair color removal by a hair care specialist: I had dyed hair black. Now I want to go lighter. The lighter shades only slightly change root color. I am considering a hair color remover. I have already dyed hair twice in less than two weeks.[...]

  • Advice on blonde hair vs brown hair for pale skin
    Question on blonde hair for pale skin tone: I'm a natural medium brunette and i have blue eyes and pale skin with a rosy undertone would i look good with blonde hair?[...]

  • Treatment for darkening lips | Home remedy for dark lip color
    Lighten lip color which is dark in color by massaging the lip using glycerin, lemon juice and castor oil. Exfoliation also helps to glow lip color: Tips to avoid darkness of lips.[...]

  • Hair Blonding - Hair Highlighting with Blonde Hair Color
    Hair Blonding, Hair Highlighting, Blonde Hair ColorI'm a natural medium brunette, with long hair, blue eyes and pale skin and would love to go blonde, but which shade of blonde will suit me best?In order to go with your kind of skin coloring and eye color, you[...]

  • Is it a serious problem to have uneven skin color on different parts of the body?
    Uneven skin color on different parts of body: Due to sunlight effect my hands till my dress sleeves, my foot, my face and neck seems to have slightly darker shade differing from my original color. Suggest home-made remedies for regaining my color.[...]

  • Preventing dry hair breakage using natural way
    Avoid using natural or artificial hair color remover continuously for preventing dryness or hair breakage: How safe is it to use hair color remover?[...]

  • How to regain original hair color after applying bleach highlights on hair
    Regaining hair color: I have naturally dark hair and have had a copper base color with lots of bleach highlights - I want to return to dark hair, how can I do this?[...]

  • How to lighten dark upper lip color and make lips pink
    Lightening the dark upper lip color using lemon juice and glycerin and make lip color pink: I am a girl with dusky complexion. My upper lip is black and lower lip is pink in color. After using lipstick it appears in two shades. Please suggest lipstick.[...]

  • Henna for hair | Henna hair benefits | Henna for hair growth
    Best product for hair strengthening is coconut oil. Balanced healthy diet and application of almond oil also protects hair damage: How can I use henna to strengthen hair without changing color? Is there a henna product with no color?[...]

  • Hair Colour Disasters
    Hair Color Disasters Often hair color can go horribly wrong.  We all have them don't we, days when we want to run screaming away from the mirror? In fact, there are times when your hair just refuses to style the way you like, or the color[...]

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