symptoms of scabies

  • Eyebrow hair loss Causes of thinning eyebrows and losing eyebrow hair
    Causes of hair thinning eyes brow and rashes. There are several possible causes of eyebrow hair loss and you need to identify the cause of thinning eyebrows in order to properly stop the hair loss. It is not clear whether you have made a mistake in your query if you[...]

  • How to get rid of sunburn blister using easy home remedies
    A sunburn blister is a result of overexposure to Ultra Violet (UV) rays. The intensity of sun light that can lead to sunburn varies from person to person. People with high melanin content in their skin are less prone to sunburn compared to those with a low melanin content.  [...]

  • Skin Rash Treatment
    Advice on Dermatology Skin RashA skin rash is a common skin problem so many people tend to neglect this skin condition. Anybody can experience a skin rash.  A skin rash is the condition of the skin in which the skin undergoes a change in color and texture. The skin[...]

  • Aging Skin Care, Anti Aging Skin Treatment
    Anti Aging Skin Care Products When we grow old, our skin also shows many signs of aging. This is known as aging skin. The symptoms of aging skin are wrinkles, dark circles and age spots. No one wants to live with an aging skin as the skin starts showing the[...]

  • How to regrow hair - Please suggest home remedies and tips for regrowing lost hair
    Can you tell me how to regrow hair? It is not always possible to regrow the hair that you have lost. What is the reason behind your loss of hair? If it is due to some medical condition, then you will need to cure this condition in order for your[...]

  • Aging: Alternative Cures to Prevent Aging & Treat its Effects on Skin
    Alternative Cures to Prevent AgingWe should follow proper health regimes to prevent the signs & symptoms of the aging process. Aging weakens the immune system, develops wrinkles on our skin & causes various health disorders.A diet consisting of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals & alkaline foods prevent the signs of aging[...]

  • Symptoms, Causes, Cures- Candida Skin Rash
    Candida Causes & SymptomsCandida skin rash is referred as Candidiasis, which is caused by Candida albicans. This yeast is usually present on the skin as a normal flora. Sometimes, this yeast grows more actively and gives rise to red, scaling, itchy rash. The symptoms of Candidiasis are creamy white patches[...]

  • Home remedy for moisturizing the eyes and reducing puffiness
    What are treatments for puffy eyes and tanning of skin? From what you have described, there definitely seems to be no connection between the two that is, puffing of eyes and the tanned skin. Both can be caused by different factors at the same time though. However, if you still[...]

  • Causes and diagnosis of numerous tiny hyperpigmented patches & speckles all over body
    I am African, lived in Africa. Have numerous very tiny hyperpigmented patches or speckles all over my body as a child. I have removed it using anti fungal. What is it and what can I do? You have not mentioned exactly which treatments you have tried apart from anti fungal[...]

  • It is a common misconception that the causes of Pityriasis Rosea could be allergies
    Pityriasis Rosea, as the problem is commonly recognized in medical terms, is a slightly reddish colored rash. It is a very surprising thing that there is no known cause for Pityriasis Rosea. Most of the time, rashes are caused as an allergic reaction. In some cases, they may also be[...]

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