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  • Hair problem - Severely Weathered Hair
    Severely Weathered HairThe hair is a woman's crowning glory. It is a factor for a man's attraction to a woman, and there is no doubt that it should be taken care of.The modern woman however has no more qualms with overstaying her hair. From bleaching the hair[...]

  • Olive oil and flax seed oil to get rid of greasy hair and lemon juice for greasy hair
    Please suggest on how do you get rid of greasy hair? Your body produces its own natural oil called sebum which keeps your hair and skin moisturized. Sebum is produced in sebaceous glands that are located below the surface of your skin. An overproduction of this sebum is the root[...]

  • Natural Cures for Oily Skin
    Alternative Treatment for Oily Hair and SkinYou should use the specially formulated shampoos for oily skin and hair. They contain special cleansers which deep clean the scalp and skin. While applying these shampoos you should keep them on the head for sometime. Also, massage the scalp thoroughly while applying this[...]

  • How to use hair conditioner
    Information on Hair ConditionerConditioner is typically used for dry and frizzy hair. If your hair is in this state, and you need to settle it down, then conditioner is your best bet. Conditioner has the property to align your hair shafts so that frizz is totally eliminated, and your hair[...]

  • Egg For Hair Care | Egg Hair Treatment | Egg Yolk For hair
    Egg has become an important part of your hair and skin care diet. Everyone wants to have beautiful and lustrous hair. With the use of raw eggs anyone can find themselves with beautiful hair. One need not cross the seven continents to find a raw egg. Every house can easily[...]

  • Safflower Oil for Hair
    Hair Care with OilOil massage to the scalp and hair is very essential for their good health. It enhances the hair growth due to increase in blood circulation. Different oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and almond oil are used for head massage. Your question is that[...]

  • Natural dandruff home remedies
    What are the natural dandruff treatments? Dandruff is essentially a sign of the skin cells on your scalp abnormally multiplying and scaling off. This condition could be due to a lot off factors like a diet deficient in certain necessary nutrients, inadequate hair care or even a stressful lifestyle. Going[...]

  • Hair Highlighting | Colouring Your Hair
    Hair HighlightingThe aim of hair highlighting is to get that sun-kissed look and give depth and light to one’s color on the whole. Hair highlighting is done to add depth to one’s hair and lighten up the overall look. The process comprises picking small or[...]

  • Home Remedy for Hair Loss
    Alternative Treatment for Healthy HairIt is surprising that you have waiting for five years, when your hair has become a quarter of what it used to be, before doing something about your hair loss. With such severe hair loss, you probably should have sought professional help several years ago. Even[...]

  • Of Blow Drying and Split Ends
    Blow Dry Your Hair Blow drying hair needs an amount of hot air so that the desired dryness will be achieved.  Remember always that using any amount of hot air will cause the hair to get damage for it will strip the hair of its moisture.  Hairdryer would[...]

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