grey hair

  • Use indian gooseberry to treat and reverse white hair and prevent premature whitening of hair
    Reversing White Hair, Reverse White Hair and Premature Whitening of HairHow to convert white hairs into black?All of us get white hair as our age increases. However, sometimes people get white hair at an early age. These premature whitening of hair is usually caused by heredity. In some cases[...]

  • Hair Coloring Techniques: The Innovation in Hair Color Industry
    Hair Coloring TechniquesToday’s hair coloring techniques have paved its way adding a true aspect to style towards the hair movement. The twilights and lowlights as well as the highlights have been developed well to enhance both the face and hairstyle. Additionally, hair coloring techniques comprise veiling and chunking[...]

  • Ketoconazole has been approved for topical usage, buy a medicated shampoo that contains Ketoconazole
    In order to successfully eliminate dandruff, you must first understand its root causes. Traditionally it was thought that poor hygiene and bad eating habits caused dandruff, however relatively recent scientific research has found that the root cause of dandruff is a fungus called Malassezia globosa. Although this scalp specific fungus[...]

  • Natural hair straightening | How to make hair straight at home
    Hair diet to strengthen and make hair strong. Straighten hair naturally at home: My hair is curly only in the top and bottom hair is almost straight. Even my hair is so weak. Where can I get these hair straighteners and straightening brushes?[...]

  • Healthy Hair Vitamins
    Vitamins for Healthy HairIf you have a hair problem that is due to nutritional deficiencies, you can correct this problem by using healthy hair vitamins mainly vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E as a treatment. It is important that you eat well and maintain good nutritional standards to be[...]

  • UV Protection - UV Sun Protection Shirt, Glasses, Clothing, Umbrella, Lotion
    UV ProtectionUV protection is a major concern today, as scientists and people in general are more aware of the dangers UV rays pose to humans. Ultraviolet or UV light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength shorter than that of visible light. There are three types of[...]

  • How to stop hair fall
    Hair growth home remedy: My scalp is dry though my hair seems nourished. When I oil my hair before I shampoo it, my hair falls extra. What can I do?? My hair is rather scanty in the front as well, what can I do for hair to grow back?[...]

  • Problems in straightening of hair - tips and techniques
    Permanent techniques to make the hair straight damages it: Is there any problem in straightening hair permanently? I have dry hair, are there any side effects like gray hair, hair loss etc. Please suggest a cream to straighten the hair.[...]

  • Sudden Hair Loss and Hair Thinning Causes and Natural Treatments
    Treatment for sudden hair loss and thing of hair with natural Vitamin E oil and regular hair conditioning. Using coconut, almond, lavender or olive oil for hair growth: Hair loss and thin hair remedies.[...]

  • Hair oil massage to prevent hair hair loss | Stop hair fall using coconut oil
    Hair massage using natural hair oils helps to reduce hair loss and promotes hair growth. Consuming spinach, alfalfa or coriander juice is also helps to grow hair: How to stop hair fall?[...]

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