acne scar treatment

  • Diets for Acne - Best Skincare for Acne Prone Skin Treatment
    Best Skin Care For Acne Prone Skin: How does one take care of skin that's prone to acne? I am so fed up of acne but acne doesn't seem quite fed up of me or my skin! Help![...]

  • Simple preventive measures, remedies and face cleansers to cure acne, pimples and blackheads
    I have oily skin and I have acne and blackheads on my cheek. How do I wash my face without disturbing the acne and which face wash should I use[...]

  • Advice for yellow acne and dry skin
    Advice for yellow acne and dry skin: i am 23 yrs and i have yellow acne on my face (on jaws).i have dry skin what should i do for rid of it with home remedy. thanx[...]

  • Acne Scars Removal with Acne Scar Resurfacing Clear Acne Scarring
    Acne ScarsAcne Scar RemovalAcne scars are either pitted scars or pigmented scars. Pitted scars generally take the shape of ice-pick depressions and are left behind once the acne has cleared while pigmented scars are typically red or brown discolorations.Ablative lasers are used in acne scar resurfacing procedures to[...]

  • Can I use lime juice instead of lemon juice in order to remove acne scars
    If you want, you can use lime juice instead of lemon juice - however, the problem is that there are many different types of limes, some of which are completely different from lemons. Sweet limes, for example, are hardly acidic at all, and as the name indications, they are sweet rather[...]

  • Home remedy on burn scar
    Alternative Cure for ScarsRemoving a scar completely using natural methods would depend upon the age, size and severity of the scar. If your burns were superficial, it may be possible to fade your scars to the extent that they cannot be seen unless looked at closely. Please remember to let[...]

  • Home Care for Oily Hair
    Treatment for oily hair: My problem is oily scalp leading to oily hair and oily skin; thus hair fall and acne in my face. Please name few easily available shampoos for oily hair.[...]

  • Acne Cure Remedies
    Acne Problem: Can any some one tell me, what is the best solution for Acne Problem searching for help for a while now?[...]

  • How to treat scars | How to prevent scarring | Getting rid of scar
    A number of people are finding some scars on their face to be quite traumatic. While some men like the presence of scars on their face as a symbol of their masculinity, a scar can be quite unappealing on a woman. This is the foremost reason behind the fact that[...]

  • Diet and treatments for fair and scar free skin
    Acne and pimple are an inevitable part of life for most adolescents and adults. Usually caused by hormonal changes in the body during puberty, pimples can be caused by other hormonal imbalances as well, such as those that occur during menstruation and pregnancy. Another important reason for acne is excessive[...]

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