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  • Permed hair care | How to straighten permed hair | Perming hair tips
    Hair disasters can be quite traumatic and a perm that has gone bad is not only an embarrassing problem, but also one that can damage your hair. A failed hair perm attempt diminishes the quality of the hair. Perms tend to be unpredictable at times and may not turn out[...]

  • Whether to straighten 4 year old daughters’ curly hair or get her a suitable hair cut
    My 4 year old daughter has curly hair which does not suit her. Please suggest me as to how to straighten her hair. Please do not try any such thing with your daughter’s hair. Her hair is extremely delicate and should not be messed with. All straightening techniques, whether[...]

  • Dry hair causes and natural home remedies for dry scalp
    Using coconut oil and olive oil for the treatment of dry hair and flaky scalp First of all, you need to check whether your hair is damaged. If this is the reason why it always feels dry and rough, then no treatment will be able to improve its texture. This[...]

  • Ensure to eat a wide variety of healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables for smooth silky hair
    There are several home remedies that you can use, and when combined with sensible and consistent basic hair care as well as a good diet, these should give you excellent results. However, you should also understand your own hair type, and not expect to attain some impossible ideal. If you[...]

  • Alterntive Treatment for Curly and Dry Hair
    Natural Treatment for Dry HairExcess volume and bounce of curly hair can cause the problems as they are difficult to manage. There are some remedies to control the volume of your hair. Avoid shampooing your hair everyday. Over-shampooing can lead to dry the scalp and hair. Don't[...]

  • How to get beautiful glowing skin and hair naturally at home
    We all have different undertones to our hair. These natural base colors are as varied as green, blue, black, yellow, or red. If your hair is turning red, that's probably because your natural base color is red. When the hair bulbs are unable to produce melanin, the underlying pigment[...]

  • Hair Fall Home Cures
    Hair loss natural cures Hair quality is affected adversely by malnutrition, lack of adequate water and/or rest, stress and illnesses. Change in environment, increased exposure to pollution or washing hair with hard water can also lead to dry, brittle hair that falls easily. While a certain amount of[...]

  • Home Remedies for Hair Straightening | Natural way to straighten hair
    Alternative Ways for Hair StraighteningThere is no reason to worry, as there are many home remedies as well which are effective and do not cost much that you can use.The simplest method is applying a conditioner. A wide variety of conditioners are available in the market. They can be[...]

  • How to control frizzy hair | Hair care tips for dry frizzy hair
    Frizzy hair control using natural hair mask and homemade conditioners Yes, a mixture of mashed banana and oil is indeed good for frizzy hair. This is what is known as a hair mask, and it conditions your hair while also protecting it from further damage. Oil is of course an[...]

  • Caring for Rough Hair
    Alternative Treatment for Rough HairIf you have rough hair and you want to make them smooth, here are some valuable tips that can help you overcome this problem. Using hair conditioners and nutritional shampoos you can make your hair smooth. You will have to get your hair deep conditioned frequently[...]

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