aloe vera

  • Delivery and hair loss
    Hair fall after delivery is natural and not uncommon.Normally all have it .Please use jaborandi and aloe vera containing shampoo.Just use Bottle gourd oil or olive oil.Do deep and slow breathing daily for 15 minutes on empty stomach.[...]

  • Control frizzy hair using natural conditioners for dry hair
    How to stop hair damage using natural conditioning Everything that you are doing to control your curly and frizzy hair is absolutely fine. Olive oil applied to hair or included in your diet will add elasticity and vibrancy to your hair. Mayonnaise is also known to be one of the[...]

  • Aloe vera gel for scar treatment | Lighten scar using natural remedies
    Fullers earth and almond oil for scarred skin treatment You have not mentioned whether the scars on your leg were formed recently or whether they were formed years ago. If the scars are old, chances are that it might be difficult to get rid of them completely. What you might[...]

  • Causes of having a black spot on cheek & home remedies to clear black spot on cheek
    I have a black spot on my cheek, rest of my face is clear, it looks very bad - please help me out I am so worried! There are several natural remedies that you can use to eliminate the darkened spot. However, it is first important to find out what the[...]

  • Sun Spots Causes and Remedies
    Causes & Natural Cures for Age SpotsAge spots are also called liver spots or sun spots. These are flat & brown & appear on the back of forearms, hands, face, neck or chest. Ultraviolet rays from the sun activate the pigment producing cells in the skin called melanocytes. This causes[...]

  • Insect Stings - Insect Bites and Stings Treatment & Insect Itch Remedy
    Please suggest insect bites and stings treatment & tips to treat insect itch. If you have been bitten by an insect, there are several simple home remedies you can follow to take care of the insect sting and the stinging, itching, burning and the insect sting swelling that may follow[...]

  • Skin Care Home Remedies
    Natural Skin Care Products Natural skin care products refer to creams and lotions that can help you take care of your skin. However, what sets these apart from the variety of creams and lotions that are available in the market is the fact that these are made of natural[...]

  • When pimples get cured and dry away they still leave behind tiny spots which can disfigure a pretty face
    Pimples are boils that appear usually on the face, chest, cheeks and even the back. Pimples are painful and can often contain a small amount of pus. However, when pimples are cured and actually dry away, they still leave behind spots which can disfigure a pretty face. These marks can[...]

  • Homemade treatments for hair loss
    What are the treatments for hair regrowth and hair thinning? Hair loss is a natural process, especially in aging men. However, a number of other factors may cause one’s hair to start falling at a fairly premature age, even as early as in the twenties. The first thing to[...]

  • Home Tips for Skin Care
    Skin Care Advance TreatmentI am sorry but I am unable to understand what you mean when you say you are looking for advanced skin care. Skin care always begins from the basics – a good, healthy lifestyle with healthy food and regular exercise and sleep. You should ensure that your[...]

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