sensitive skin

  • Getting Rid Of Facial Hair
    Facial hair remedies For removal of fine facial hair, all the three methods you have mentioned are good and workable. Which one you adopt depends completely upon the nature of your skin. Sometimes, people with extra sensitive skin can react adversely to any of the three treatments used. If[...]

  • Benefits of Natural Skin Care Products
    Organic Skin Care ProductToday organic skin care is probably the fastest growing market. Just like organic food, the organic skin care products are made from substances, which are certified organic. The non- holistic creams and other chemical drugs may be dangerous and instead of repairing, the skin may worsen it[...]

  • Hair around nipples - Tips to remove hairs around the nipples
    Hi, I have got hairs around my nipples - how do u get rid of them? Should I pluck them or not? Please do help as I am getting married soon! Most women notice sudden changes in their body when they reach puberty. It is at this time that they notice[...]

  • Skin Care Product from France
    French Skin ProductsFrench skin care is inculcated with a profound appreciation and respect of nature's beauty and bounty. The French women care very seriously for their skin and they practice good habits of skin care at home. They use a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, toner, skin masks to protect[...]

  • Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream: Natural Substances & Remedies for Aging
    Natural Anti Aging Wrinkle CreamNatural anti aging wrinkle creams contain naturally obtained substances, oils & botanical extracts. These compounds & oils rejuvenate our skin, prevent the signs of aging & restore any damage to it.Sweet almond oil relieves skin dryness, irritation & itching. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2[...]

  • Dark lips treatment
    Alternative Treatment for Dark LipsYour lips could be turning dark because they are excessively tanned. This sometimes happens when you have sensitive skin that is more prone to tanning than the rest of your face. This is a fairly common ailment, and the upper lip typically darkens more than the[...]

  • Natural Skincare Recipes for Best Natural Skin at Home
    Skin has to be taken care of with utmost attention. And if you know your skin type you certainly will be in a better position to care for your skin. This is because skin care treatments are not the same for every skin type. You might have oily skin, your[...]

  • Skin Care for Asians
    Asian Skin Care Advice For Asian skin, the biggest advantage remains the texture and color of the skin. Due to the fact that people from any part of Asia have skin that is rich in melanin, the natural chemical produced by the body which helps to dye the skin[...]

  • Home made hair removal
    Home Treatment for Excess Hair RemovalThere are many ways to handle excess hair on areas where people normally prefer there to be no hair. If you would rather not actually remove the hair, you can simply bleach it, as long as it is not too thick. You will be able[...]

  • What are the causes of black spots on hands and having thick hair growth on hands
    It is not clear exactly what you mean when you say that the growth of hair on your hands is not proper. Hair growth varies from one person to the next, and there is no "proper" way for hair to grow. If you are a woman with abnormally hairy hands[...]

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