get rid of puffy eyes

  • Black Eyes Treatment: How to Fix Black Eyes
    Black Eyes: Home Remedies for Black EyesI have got black eye. My eyes have turned dark and it is painful too. How do I get rid of the injured black eye?A black eye is formed when you suffer a hard blow. This causes the blood to congeal and turn[...]

  • Alternative Treatment got Dark Circles
    Natural Treatment for Dark CirclesDark circles are normally a result of excessive eye strain. Your eyes can get strained due to reading in poor light or while reclining, tension or stress of any kind, lack of sleep and adequate rest or overuse of eyes in front of the computer or[...]

  • Oily skin reduction treatment at home
    Apply mixture of cucumber and lemon juice on face for reducing occurrence of oily skin: I am 17 years old. My skin gets oily very easily and I also have dark spots under my eyes please suggest a treatment.[...]

  • Causes and removal techniques for dark circles under eyes
    Natural dark circle treatment using bleaching regimen of onion and lemon juice and increasing iron intake in the diet: I am 21year girl with dark circle under eyes since 6 to 7 years. Please tell home remedies.[...]

  • Improving texture of skin using natural home remedies
    Using organic soap, cleaning face with milk, and using natural moisturizers like olive oil improves skin texture: I have oily skin and pimples, black marks in mouth, nose and eyes. Please tell cure for this and which cream and soap should I use daily?[...]

  • Dark Circles Therapy, Nose Dark spots Health Advice
    Dark circles treatment: I am 14 Years old and have dark circles under my eyes.i am using potato to decrease it.Is it good?I also have something like brown spots above my nose and I always get sweat in my nose.What should I do?[...]

  • Common causes of having dark circles and preventive steps to avoid appearance of dark circles
    Getting rid of dark circles would begin with getting rid of the reason you have dark circles. Keep in mind that dark circles are not a problem unto themselves. Rather, they are symptomatic of another problem and a manifestation of something else altogether. You can get dark circles if you[...]

  • Round face makeup
    Round Face MakeupA round face can be made up to look very pretty quite easily. The first thing to know is that if your face is round, you should try to use dark and tan shades instead of light and pink ones. Begin with a foundation that is one shade[...]

  • Anti Aging Skin Care Product Info
    Antiaging Skin Care Products: I am a 42 year old woman and I think I am losing my youth. I have started developing crow's feet around my eyes and my skin is losing its elasticity and sagging. Can you suggest me some anti-aging products?[...]

  • How to get rid of eczema | How to cure eczema naturally
    Home remedies for eczema treatment using equal quantities of turmeric powder and margosa leaves. Natural cure for eczema using papaya: I have a face skin problem in the lower part of my eyes. It looks like rashes. How to get rid this skin problem.[...]

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