dark circles under the eyes

  • Cucumber, potato slices, tea, and water to get rid of bags under eyes
    I have bags under my eyes what's a good remedy to get rid of bags under my eyes? There are various reasons for getting bags under the eyes, but the most common reason is a lack of sleep or a poor sleep schedule. Most people require about 8 hours[...]

  • How to reduce crow's feet appearnce problem
    Apply fresh Papaya juice or egg white to reduce appearance of crow’s feet: I am 29 and suddenly from last one week I am watching some crow feet in my left eyes. Eyelashes and upper eyes skin is getting extreme loose. Please help to get rid of them[...]

  • Information Eye Shades Colour
    Application and Appearance of Eye Shades ColorIt is far easier to understand how to effectively apply make up to your eyes if you know the basics of make up application, rather than looking at pictures. Once you understand how to apply make-up, you will quite easily be able to[...]

  • Blepharoplasty - Removing Baggy Eyelids
    BlepharoplastyAs you grow older, the skin of your eyelids stretches, while the muscles weaken. Extra fat also accumulates above the eyelids and under it. Because of this, your upper eyelids and eyebrows will droop, and dark circles will appear under your eyes. When this happens to you, you will appear[...]

  • Tired eyes remedy - How to get rid of tired eyes with remedy for tired eyes
    Tired eyes remedy: How do I relieve my tired eyes, which makes my body tired too?[...]

  • How to get rid of dark circle under eyes and cure dark lips
    Lighten dark color of lips and reduce dark circle under eyes Lip color is not naturally pink for every individual. However in some cases, darker lip color may be caused by various factors. One common cause of dark lips is smoking and regular consumption of large amounts of tea and[...]

  • Oily skin reduction treatment at home
    Apply mixture of cucumber and lemon juice on face for reducing occurrence of oily skin: I am 17 years old. My skin gets oily very easily and I also have dark spots under my eyes please suggest a treatment.[...]

  • Treatment of Oily Skin | Lighten Dark Spots on Face Skin | How to Take Care of Pimples
    Excessively Oily Skin, Face Pimples, Dark Spots on my Face: My skin is oily. I have face pimples and dark spots on my face around my nose and eyes. Please suggest treatment.[...]

  • What are the causes of dark eyelids? Dark Eye Lids Treatment Tips
    Dark Eye Lids, Dark EyelidsMy eye lids are very dark; I have to wear makeup to even out the different colors. What is the cause of dark eyelids?Dark eyelids are a fairly common occurrence. They go hand in hand with dark circles. Both of these may be caused due[...]

  • Round face makeup
    Round Face MakeupA round face can be made up to look very pretty quite easily. The first thing to know is that if your face is round, you should try to use dark and tan shades instead of light and pink ones. Begin with a foundation that is one shade[...]

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