aloe vera

  • Natural ways for getting pimples free skin
    The basic thing to know about pimples and scars that are caused by pimples is that while you may succeed at lightening them to some extent, there are really no non invasive ways of getting rid of them altogether. Even as far as lightening goes, if the scars are old[...]

  • Aging Creams: Home Made Anti Aging Recipes & Benefits of Nutrients
    Benefits of Anti Aging CreamsAnti aging creams are available over-the-counter & contain such natural products like Aloe Vera, vegetable oils, fruit extracts & vitamins. You can use them for supplying your skin with additional nutrients & protecting it from the effects of aging.Aloe Vera contained in anti[...]

  • Age spot natural remedies | Homemade remedies for aging skin spots
    Get rid of age spots with aloe vera and potato Age spots, otherwise known as liver spots or sun spots, is a harmless condition. These spots usually have a flat black or brownish gray appearance. They could appear in varying sizes and are normally seen on the shoulders, arms and[...]

  • Advice on Sensitive Skin Products
    Skin Care Products for Sensitive skinSensitive skin care is very important as it has a low tolerance level. People having sensitive skin may give a quick reaction to the chemicals, wind or heat and develop blotchy, red and irritated skin. Hence, it is very essential to choose sensitive skin care[...]

  • Rash on the head Treating rashes on the head and rashes on scalp
    I had my hair dyed and now I have a rash on my head. Is there anything to treat this? I do take benadryl but it itches a lot by the hair line and there is a rash. Dry, itchy scalp or a rash on the head can be a[...]

  • Using castor oil home remedy to treat warts on face and getting rid of warts using potato and onions
    Warts on various parts of the body are fairly common and most people have at least a few. However, warts on the face can be very embarrassing and you should try all the measures possible to get rid of these. Warts are rough protuberances that usually stick to from the[...]

  • Hyperpigmentation Remedy for Skin Hyperpigmentation Cures
    You have not mentioned which cream you are using for hyper-pigmentation, so I can not guide you if you are in the right direction or not. But according to me before using any creams or lotions for hyper-pigmentation it would be wise to consult a specialist for the[...]

  • Remove tan quickly with home remedies to lighten skin that has darkened due to tanning
    You can adopt a few remedial measures you can employ at home that will lighten skin that has darkened due to tanning. However, please keep in mind that there is nothing that can help to remove a tan overnight. This is a common fallacy that a tan can be removed[...]

  • Old injuries and skin infections can be the cause of dark spots - Tips to reduce dark spots on skin
    Dark spots can appear on our body due to various reasons. Sometimes these can be the scars of old injuries that you have forgotten. In other cases they can be caused by some infection that has left its mark. Whatever the reason, the dark spots can cause a lot of[...]

  • Home remedy for dry hair
    We have lot of natural products for the protection of your dry hair. Your kitchen is the most beneficial and multipurpose store where you get a lot of remedies for every thing under the sun. Dry hair is one of them.Natural Remedies for Dry Hair -For dry hair, it[...]

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