split ends

  • Split hair treatment | Split end treatment | Reduce hair loss
    How to treat split end hair problem All the three problems that you seem to be facing indicate a lack of nourishment and proper hair care. Split hair is a result of extreme dryness of hair, which in turn is caused when natural oil from the scalp is unable to[...]

  • Is it safe to use hair blower or drier frequently to style and dry hair and what are the precautions to use?
    If you are troubled with dry hair, you are better off avoiding the use of implements such as hair dryers and irons. The reason for this is extremely simple and also very clear. If you are using dryers and irons, you are administering dry heat to your hair. This will[...]

  • Different types of hair | What are hair types | Oily and dry hair
    Dry and oily hair treatment Dry hair often tends to look like unwashed hair and is usually rough and thin. It normally grows thicker near the scalp and gradually thins out at the ends, giving rise to split ends. The hair is easily susceptible to damage, tangles, split ends and[...]

  • How to Care for Dry Hair Tips and Home Remedy for Rough Hair
    Frizzy thick and curly hair is difficult to manage most of the time. For most people frizzy and curly hair have dry hair problem. This is because of a simple reason that the natural oil which is produced in the hair scalp does not tend to reach the roots easily[...]

  • Caring for Long Hair
    Caring for Long Hair Shining long hair, flowing loose or carefully dressed remains a sure symbol of feminity even in this age of change and controversy. Some experts believe women let their hair grow to flaunt their beauty and their sex-appeal. Long hair needs special care and when long[...]

  • How to use rollers to make your hair curly at the ends of your hair
    Using rollers to curl your hair: How to make hair curly from ends[...]

  • Causes of hair frizziness and olive oil massage for dry hair
    Recommended tips and treatments for frizziness and dryness in hair Let me start by providing you with a little information on what causes the frizz we experience in our hair. Many individuals are born with frizzy hair or with naturally curly hair that leads to frizz at some point. This[...]

  • Advice for Curls
    Breakage of hair is more common in wet hair, resulting in frizzy hair and split ends. Curly hair calls for more patient handling and care. Shampoos devoid of sulphates are recommended. A non-greasy and soft gel helps in adding bounce to lifeless hair. Everyday shampooing is beneficial with a[...]

  • Home Remedy for Hair Fall and Natural Remedies for Dry Hair
    Dry hair needs special care because if appropriate treatment or shampoo is not used then it can cause lot of breakage, hair fall and even split ends. Shampoo your hair only when they get dirty. Shampoo not only cleans the dirt from the hair but also rips away the essential[...]

  • Egg hair treatment for strengthening and making hair soft
    Tips and home remedies to make hair soft, shiny and straight After re-bonding hair, it is believed that one has changed the basic nature of their hair. To put it simply, during hair re-bonding, the chemical bonds in your hair are broken, and put back together after some[...]

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