• Hair highlighting and hair styles for smaller face person
    Haircuts looking good on any one are a matter of proportion and balancing out the hair, keeping in mind the texture and quantity of hair. It seems from your description that you have small features with a small head. You have not described the shape of your face that often[...]

  • Hair replacement technique | Hair styles for big forehead
    Surgical hair transplant and hair replacement procedures As you have stated that you have a broad forehead since childhood, unfortunately little can be done about it. This is probably a feature that you have inherited from your parents. Sadly it is not possible to grow hair in an area that[...]

  • How to repair damaged hair by hot oil treatment for hair
    How to thicken dry and damaged hair using hot oil therapy? In todayís world, hairstyles and condition of the hair are becoming more and more prominent. Today, a hair style could stand for something as important as a belief, tradition or even a statement.† Hair styles and condition of[...]

  • Hair growth treatment for long hair | How to grow hair fast
    Get long hair growth using Indian gooseberry and coconut oil Almost everyone desires a super fast method of hair growth. To be honest, the existence of such a hair treatment would not be such a bad idea as it would help us change our look and hairstyles extremely quickly. Unfortunately[...]

  • Stars for hair
    Believe it or not, stars don’t just reside up high in the skies. Why, people go gaga over stars viewing. Yes, there are those who are so obsessed with stars that they allot specific time of the year stars viewing. With the use of powerful telescopes, star lovers[...]

  • Tips for maximizing hair growth potential to its full and growing hair naturally at home
    How to grow hair naturally at home? Hair growth is largely determined by heredity and genetics and therefore can not be changed or speeded up. Hair growth can however be enhanced by proper hair care that promotes and stimulates hair growth and minimizes hair loss. This will help to improve[...]

  • Afro Hairstyle | Afro Hair Style
    There are several hairstyles to choose from. One can go for clean cut, barberís cut, long hair or Afro hairstyle. Each hairstyle has its own hair care styles. Among these different hairstyles, the Afro hairstyle has the most specific manner of care.†Black Afro hair is very difficult to[...]

  • Washing the Hair Correctly
    Washing Your HairEvery hair washing makes a difference. If washing the hair is done in the improper way, this might damage your hair permanently. The most common damage when dealing with hair care is when you take a bath and put on shampoo. Some people especially the women, because they[...]

  • Prom Night: Preparation and the Thrills It Brings
    Prom Night Extravaganza – Prom Hair AccessoriesProm night is just the greatest and the most awaited event for some high school students.  This is a special night for them and is the very memorable moment for a woman because this is where they usually go all out.  Women[...]

  • How to Achieve Hot Punk Hair Dos
    Punk Hair DosPunk hair is harder to find in the media because most of the people that we see on television or in magazines are not part of the punk hair dos group. Punk hair dos usually are very volumous and combine several different colors. The goal of punk hair[...]

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