• Hairstyles for Long Face Shape and Hairstyle for Big Forehead
    Having a huge forehead with a long face can make things odd, boy don't worry you can easily hide that with the help of certain suited haircuts. Haircuts for long face with big forehead should be such that they don't drag down the face and at the same[...]

  • How to manage curly hair and take regular care for curly hair
    There does not really seem to be any problem with your hair - curly hair is just naturally curly, and this does not mean that there is anything wrong with it. Hair does not necessarily have to be straight, it can also be curly or wavy, or somewhere in between. What[...]

  • How to Achieve a Simple and Easy Hairstyle
    Easy HairstyleThere are several easy hairstyles that can be used for causal outings or special occasions. Usually celebrities set the trends for a quick and easy hairstyle. An easy hairstyle can be accomplished very quickly and is perfect for an individual who is constantly on the go. There are several[...]

  • Why the Bob Hairstyle is so popular
    A Bob HairstyleCelebrities who have famously sported a bob hairstyle are Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Lana Turner. These women wore similar haircuts with grace and style. A bob hairstyle imparts a look of elegance and sophistication. Bob haircuts also provide the wearer wit a racy but sweet appearance. A[...]

  • Long face hair style | Hair cuts and hair styling tips for long face
    People with long faces are usually advised to get hairstyles that give the face more width and detract from the excessive length of the face. For this reason, a fringe is usually suggested - by shortening the forehead, it makes the face look less long. A side parting, with the hair[...]

  • Hair styles for round face | Soft waves hair style for rounded face
    You are definitely very blessed to have thick hair. Often one hears of people complaining about their hair not being thick due to excessive stress, pollution and many other reasons. Nevertheless, having a good textured hair is not enough to look good. Your hair needs ongoing care for its maintenance[...]

  • Hair style for round face | Hair cut for round face | Hair cut advice
    Face shape is an important factor in choosing a suitable hairstyle, and unfortunately, most people don't even stop to think about what their face shape is and what styles will work well for it. Fortunately, you seem to be taking this into consideration. Firstly however, you will do well[...]

  • Basic Hair Cutting Tool – Hair Clippers
    Hair ClippersThe hair needs care. One way to care for it is the periodical trimming it needs. However you want it the hair clipper is an all-important tool which can give you the right hair cuts you want. The market is flooded with different kinds of hair clippers. But[...]

  • How to straight your hair | Straighten curly hair naturally
    Straight hair seems to be the need of the hour these days. Hairstyles and haircuts are taking an ever more prominent place in not only the expression of an individual, but also in making a statement of intent. However, some people also want a change in hairstyle for the more[...]

  • Different types of hair | What is normal and dry hair, oily hair
    Hair categories and treatment and diet for different hair groups Identifying the type of hair you have will help tremendously in understanding the best possible options in taking care of it. While there are a huge number of hairstyles today, the hair type is largely segregated into three main groups[...]

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