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  • Tips for Thick and Shiny Hair
    Thick and shiny remedies The basic composition of hair in both animals and humans is a protein, with an unusually high sulphur content, called keratin. An individual's dietary intake determines the growth of keratin, while the colour is determined by melanin levels. The hair is constructed of polypeptide[...]

  • Stop hair whitening by following healthy nutritious diet
    At the age of 34, you should expect such changes. Unless this is taking place extremely suddenly and rapidly, you have nothing to worry about. You need to accept that you are growing older and that hair naturally turns white as you grow older. Most of us associate white hair[...]

  • Alternative Treatment for Frizzy Hair
    Advice on Shampooing Hair EverydayIt is very necessary to keep the hair clean to maintain their health. Shampooing is the most commonly used method to clean the hair. It helps to remove the dirt, dandruff and excessive oil from your hair. Dirt and dandruff can cause hair loss. Hence, regular[...]

  • Alopecia Treatment with Biotin, Vitamins B6, Castor Oil & Olive Oil
    Suggest tips on alopecia treatment and how do I get rid of alopecia? Alopecia or hair loss can refer to total or partial baldness and may have a variety of causes. The extent of hair loss may vary, and it is a natural part of the aging process but can[...]

  • Home renedy for recending hair line
    Natural Treatment for Receding Hair LineA receding hairline is the result of age, heredity or general negligence of hair. For the first two factors, the amount you can do is quite limited. For the third, or any other reason not mentioned, there are some simple home remedies you can follow[...]

  • Hair oils and conditioners for preventing hair falling
    Using a product such as shampoo or conditioner can hardly ever lead to hair loss, whether permanent or temporary. Hair loss is not really a problem related to applicants such as conditioners, which are so temporary that they barely spend any time in your hair, if you have been applying[...]

  • Suggestions for haircut and style for a 5' 6" tall person with a small asian face and coarse hair
    In order to decide what will show your looks off to their best advantage, you should go to a professional beauty salon. These days most salons have a hairstyle software that matches your bone structure and face to various hair styles. This allows you to check out what you would[...]

  • How to treat curly and frizzy hair with natural homemade conditioner
    Body lotion does not cause any damage as such to the hair, but may end up making the hair look greasy. Also, if the lotion contains ingredients or chemicals that are not good for the hair, this could take a toll on your hair. Instead, it is better to first[...]

  • Occasionally conditioning hair with home made conditioner such as egg or mayonnaise for slow growth of hair
    The rate at which hair grows varies greatly, but generally it should be around 0.4 mm per day. If the rate of growth is considerably slower than this, then it means that there is some problem. The problem could be with your hair care regimen, your diet, or your[...]

  • Can streaking damage hair? What are the steps to reverse hair damaged caused by streaking?
    Your question is not very clear, but it seems that you have streaked your hair recently, after which your hair has become stiff, dry, and rough. Unfortunately, if your hair has been damaged by the chemical process it has undergone, there may not be any way to reverse this damage[...]

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