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Teenage Acne Treatment for Teenagers - Best Treatment For Teenage Acne

Teenage acne is a problem experienced by the majority of teenagers all over the world. Teen acne usually begins around the age of 13, and often lasts till the person is in their early twenties. We still do not fully understand how and why acne develops, but we do know that certain factors contribute to the problem.

Some of these factors, such as genetics and regular hormonal activity, are mostly beyond our control. Other factors however, such as diet, stress, the presence of bacteria, use of certain medications and other chemicals, are within our control, and therefore teenage acne treatment should address such factors.

Teen Acne Treatments - Treat Teenage Acne

Hygiene is one of the most important requirements of teen acne treatment - you should wash your face several times a day, particularly if you have oily skin. However, you should avoid using soap too often, and when you do use soap, use a mild one. Simply wash your face with plain water several times a day, gently scrubbing your face with your hands. This is because acne is primarily caused when dead skin blocks pores, leading to a blockage and build up of sebum in the pores. Subsequently, bacteria that are present on the skin surface infect these pimples, leading to inflammation. By washing your face regularly, you can minimize the chances of pore blockages and infections.

Diet is another factor that plays a role in the development of acne, and although scientists have not yet found clear and certain evidence for or against any particular foods, it is generally advisable to experiment with your diet and see if it leads to any decrease or increase in pimples. Among the foods that you should try avoiding or at least cutting down on are: milk and milk products, junk food and processed food (which contains excessive carbohydrates and fats), bottled soft drinks, and most refined, processed foods. Vitamin deficiencies are also a possible cause of acne, and a diet rich in vitamin A and vitamin E is therefore a good teenage acne treatment — these vitamins can be obtained from olives, almonds, pumpkins, carrots, and leafy vegetables.

Along with these measures, there are teen acne treatments that you can try. Topical and oral antibiotics are sometimes used to treat teenagers acne, but these should be avoided unless your problem is unusually severe and you are under medical supervision. Some safer and also more effective treatments you can try are ointments containing benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid, salicylic acid, or topical retinoids. There are also several home remedies for acne, but the most effective and probably the only one to have been successfully tested is tea tree oil. Finally, if none of these treatments work, you should visit your doctor. Today there are a number of advanced medical treatments that can work successfully even against extremely severe teen acne.