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Laser Acne Treatment

Acne is a common problem encountered by every individual, in some part of their life. Acne is a skin condition, which is commonly associated with oily skin. Hormonal changes, oral contraceptives are some of the other causative factors of acne vulgaris. Acne develops in stages, such as initial white heads or blackheads, secondly pimples and lastly as acne. Acne is seen in the form of nodules and cysts. Laser acne treatment is one of the effective techniques of acne eradication.

Laser Treatment for Acne

Laser acne treatment is the use of laser therapy in the treatment of acne. Acne laser treatment is used for the treatment of acne, due to the high degree of success. This technique lasts for around 15 to 20 minutes. About three to six sessions are effective with a gap of a month, in between each session.

Laser Acne Technique:

The procedure commences with the topical application of creams. The cream is applied an hour prior to acne laser and functions as anaesthetic. This causes numbness of the affected area. The laser from the equipment hits the target area, this results in increased heat. This in turn reduces the sebaceous glands, which is the culprit in the formation of pimples and acne. This procedure is a painless technique, which reduces the acne outbreak or completely inhibits the same.

Merits of Laser Acne Treatment:

The increase in temperature also annihilates the bacteria, hidden in the pores of the skin. It also helps in the regeneration of the damaged tissues. The kind of acne helps in determination of the kind of laser therapy. Acne scar laser decreases the redness and inflammation of the skin in the affected area. A single session also proves beneficial in certain cases of acne. Redness after the treatment is common, due to the high intensity heat.

Types of Laser Treatment:

Acne Laser Surgery

Various types of laser treatment for acne are Erbium lasers, carbon di oxide lasers and nonablative lasers. Erbium lasers attack the molecules of water in the skin, rather than the skin ducts. It helps in the removal of acne and associated lesions. Carbon di oxide lasers are the best for acne treatment and makes use of high energy light. Nonablative lasers target the inner skin, this helps in the trigger of collagen synthesis. The skin tone improves with reduction in wrinkles, as a result of acne laser surgery.

Demerits of Laser Acne Treatment:
In addition to the merits of laser acne removal, there also exist certain demerits. Side effects, such as roughness of the skin, inflammation of the skin and discoloration of the skin are common. Increase in pigmentation is also seen in case of carbon dioxide laser.