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Be most conscientious in following your daily skin care routine. There must be no skipping of any step until the condition is corrected.

In the Morning - Wash your hands thoroughly, moisten your face with warm or running water, and wash with a medicated or antiseptic soap (don't use a washcloth-it can shelter the very bacteria that must be stamped out). Choose a light liquid cleanser with ingredients that inhibit the growth of blemish-causing bacteria; Rinse thoroughly with clear running water. Pat dry with a clean soft towel.

Saturate a cotton pad with an astringent, medicated lotion and gently press over the entire face or rinse with cool water to which a few drops of Tr. Benzoin have been added. This will freshen, reduce excess oiliness and refine the texture of the skin.

Apply a medicated cream on all pimples. One that is greaseless and skin-tinted will not be obvious on the skin. This will work to dry and heal the pimples. Apply Calamine to which a drop of clove oil and mint oil has been added on all pimples.

Mid-day - Repeat the morning treatment if possible. Otherwise "quick clean" with the astringent medicated lotion and reapply the medicated cream on blemishes.

Night - Repeat the morning treatment. Sometimes there may be some dry areas such as on the throat, under the eyes, sides of the face. Use an appropriate moisturizing or lubricating preparation. Never apply an emollient cream to any blemished area.

Twice Weekly - Deep-cleanse with a friction-wash to control blackheads and keep the pores free from clogging of excess oil. Wet the face with warm water. Pour about a teaspoonful of cleansing granules into the palm of one hand; add just enough water to work into creamy foam. Apply to the face with finger tips; concentrate on blackheads and areas of excessive oiliness. Massage gently for a few seconds and rinse thoroughly. Oiliness and blackheads can pose a problem on shoulders and back too. Use the cleansing granules to friction-wash this area when you are in the shower and apply a healing medicated cream to any eruptions before dressing.

The Do's and Don’ts of skin care for Acne

  • Avoid using oil-based creams, ointments and make-up products.
  • Do not rub, squeeze or pick pustules.
  • Follow the skin-care routine scrupulously.
  • Do not use any beauty soaps or moisturizers.
  • Try to live your life as stress-free as possible.
  • Supplement your diet with additional Vitamin B12.
  • Avoid deep-frying while cooking as you are exposed to flying grease.
  • In case of severe acne, consult a doctor.
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