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Acne Solutions

Acne solution is needed not just by teenagers but by adults as well. Contrary to popular belief the problem is not just prevalent in teenagers, but also affects a large percentage of the adult population as well, particularly women. Some individuals may even develop acne as adults despite the fact that they did not suffer from the problem as teenagers. Acne problems are commonly caused in women due to changes in the hormonal cycle and after or during a pregnancy.

Some basic skin care practices are all you need as an acne solution to ensure that you have acne free skin. Here are some useful acne solutions:

•    Whatever your skin type, avoid using skin care products that are harsh and instead opt for natural products that are safe and free of any side effects. This is particularly important for people with dry or sensitive skin. Benzoyl peroxide is commonly used in products for acne skin care and it actually dries out the skin, contributes to the development of wrinkles and further weakens the skin. It is also important that you ensure that the products you purchase are meant specifically for your skin type.

•    New research indicates that there is a link between stress and the development of acne or acne outbreaks. According to researchers a stress related hormone that is released causes an increased production of oil in the skin. Reducing your stress levels should therefore significantly help improve the health of your skin. Mediation, yoga, tai chi, or simply giving yourself time to relax can help reduce stress.

•    The health of your digestive system is also believed to be related to the health of your skin. According to naturopaths and some traditional systems of medicine the skin being one way through which waste is expelled, if the digestive system is sluggish or overloaded there is a good possibility for skin problems to occur. So dietary changes aimed at improving the digestive functions are generally recommended.

The best solution for almost any skin problem, acne included is a skin care diet. Try to minimize your intake of dairy products and foods like bread and other flour products that have refined carbohydrates. Consuming flaxseed oil and fish oil supplements has also been found to be quite effective for many people. In addition to these dietary recommendations it would also be wise to have a well balanced and wholesome diet. You can also seek advice from a nutritionist for a more personalized diet as an acne solution.