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Acne Treatments

Acne treatment is a lot more effective today as out understanding of the condition has increased significantly. Apart from conventional treatment and over the counter medications and applications there are also plenty of home remedies which can serve as a treatment for acne. In addition to medical acne treatments, lifestyle changes have also been found to help control and treat acne.

Acne Scar Treatment

Here are some skin care practices for acne scar treatment that you need to follow to remedy your acne condition.
•    It is important to keep the affected and susceptible areas clean, so make sure that you wash it twice a day, using an unperfumed cleanser. At the same time do not wash the area excessively or aggressively as this will flush out natural oils only worsening you’re the acne problem. Do not use soaps containing harsh chemicals, instead chose natural products.

•    There are numerous over-the-counter remedies available for mild acne treatment. When treating acne with any of these applications make sure that you follow the instructions carefully and be vigilant for any reaction or irritation, as most available applications contain antibacterial agents like benzoyl peroxide. This compound can cause peeling and redness, aggravating certain skin conditions.

Apart from the above mentioned skin acne treatments you can also use topical ointments and applications containing azelaic acid, which is a mild alternative to benzoyl peroxide. Topical retinoids are also commonly prescribed for treating acne problems. There are also antibiotic treatments that may be prescribed by your dermatologist to address your acne condition.

In addition to these treatments there are a number of home remedies that are quite effective.

•    Tea tree oil is a useful herb that has anti bacterial properties making it quite effective against acne. You can dilute it with aloe vera gel and apply the mixture to the affected skin. Aloe vera will help soothe your skin.

•    Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment is another popular home remedy for treating acne. Vinegar is in fact commonly used as an acne treatment and can be applied to the affected areas with a cotton swab and left on for an hour or two. Vinegar is also an excellent natural cleanser and apple cider vinegar is particularly useful for cleaning out blackheads.

While treating acne through home remedies and conventional medicines can be quite effective it is also important that you incorporate certain lifestyle changes to control and prevent acne outbreaks. The best acne treatment is in fact a healthy diet that will not just help resolve your acne condition but promote your overall health. Since stress and depression can also trigger acne outbreaks meditation and yoga can also help treat acne.