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Acne Information

Contrary to popular acne information, acne or acne vulgaris is not just problematic for youngsters or adolescents and teenagers. It can affect almost anyone from the ages of ten to forty. Acne outbreaks can be very problematic for women in their late 20s or mid 20s as well, even if they have never been afflicted with the condition before or haven’t been bothered by an outbreak in years. Those who are afflicted with acne in their 40s however are most likely to grow out of it. Acne outbreaks can manifest on your skin in any of the following:
  • blackheads
  • pimples ("zits")
  • pustules or cysts (these are deep pimples or boils)
  • congested pores (comedones)
  • whiteheads

These blemishes generally appear on areas of skin that have more sebaceous or oil producing glands, as on the face, back and chest. Acne can cause skin irritation and redness, but this is only a part of the problem. Acne may be non threatening, but the scars it can leave behind can be psychologically damaging, particularly for adolescents, as they struggle with issues of self esteem and confidence. Scarring however is more likely to occur when proper treatment is not followed or if the problem is neglected and treatment delayed. Prompt treatment generally leaves little risk of scars and is also a lot more effective.

Medicated applications available at most drugstores are available over the counter and are quite effective. You can use any of these topical applications to treat the acne, but in severe outbreaks you may need to consult your physician. There are also several home remedies and natural treatments that you can use to combat, control, and minimize the risk of acne outbreaks.

Here are some tips and general information on acne that should help you deal with the problem.

  • Oil build up is one of the contributing factors towards acne outbreaks, so make sure you wash your face and keep it clean, using a mild cleanser along with warm water. Avoid using harsh soaps as these tend to dry out the skin excessively contributing to other problems.
  • Avoid scrubbing your face as this can irritate the skin and actually worsen acne outbreaks. Wash gently and use your hands instead of a wash cloth.
  • Make sure that any cosmetics and moisturizers you use are ‘oil free’.
  • Make sure you get rid if all makeup when washing your face.
  • Be very careful with gels and hair sprays as if they come in contact with facial skin they can cause blockages of the pores.
  • If you have long hair keep it off your face, and preferably tied behind.
  • Avoid wearing caps or hats, as they may aggravate both dandruff and acne.
  • After any exertion that causes perspiration wash your face thoroughly.
  • Most importantly avoid scratching your face as this will just contribute to scarring.