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Acne Facial Treatment

Acne facial treatment is among the most sought after when it come to skin care. Not surprisingly, since this is the most prevalent and common skin condition. Its occurrence is universal as people of all age groups and ethnicity experience the condition. This skin disorder causes eruptions, irritation and inflammation, but is non-threatening. The highest incidence of acne is during the teen or adolescence years, but is also quite common among young adults.

Theories regarding the causes of acne abound and are highly debated, but it is an accepted fact that hormonal changes are one of the most important causes. Other physical, genetical, and environmental factors may also have a role in acne eruptions. Stress and depression, faulty lifestyle and diet habits are also thought to have some extent of influence on acne outbreaks. Although acne may not be a cause for panic, it is worrying because of the psychological implications. Acne can be damaging to your appearance, which is extremely important to us, no matter how much we deny it. It can be particularly damaging for youngsters, affecting their self confidence and self esteem. This can lead to social withdrawal and problems like depression.

Acne can however be treated quite effectively with both medicated solutions and natural remedies. Some of these remedies and skin care practices can also help prevent or minimize the occurrence of outbreaks. Here are some natural acne facial treatments:

  • The first and most important step is that you follow basic skin care practices that are recommended for everyone, irrespective of skin conditions. Never use products with harsh chemicals, instead opt for natural products, and always keep your skin clean.
  • Clean your face with a mild cleanser, after which you can use a face scrub. A sunflower face scrub, with a teaspoon of sunflower oil, an egg yolk, and some brewer’s yeast can be beaten into a mix. Apply this and wash it ff with lukewarm water after around twenty minutes.
  • Face masques are also a great acne facial treatment and can be prepared with almonds, some milk powder and a teaspoon of each, lemon and honey. Soak four almonds in water overnight and grind with the milk powder. Add the lemon and honey to the mixture, and you have your face masque ready. You can also add a vitamin A capsule’s contents. Apply and leave the mixture on until it dries.
  • A cup of fuller’s earth, with a tablespoon of potato juice added in, makes for an excellent deep cleansing masque.
  • A mixture of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice also works as a useful acne facial treatment, removing any excess oils, thus reducing acne.
  • Egg whites are another popular natural remedy for acne. Apply the egg white only after washing your face with a cleanser.