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Acne Skin Cleanser

Acne is a skin disorder which occurs when our hormones act upon the sebaceous glands under the skin and result in clogged pores (black/white heads) and nodules (pimples). Acne is commonest during adolescence, since this is typically a time of hormonal upheaval. However, it is also quite common for adults in their 20s, 30s and even 40s to suffer from sudden, severe attacks of acne. Acne usually occurs on the face (nose, cheeks, jaw line are particularly prone to it), back and upper arms.

There could be several reasons for your acne. Isolating the cause would help you in treating the effect:

•    Acne is often caused by an improper diet where excess of oil, starch or sugar is consumed. In such a case, altering your diet would greatly reduce the acne.

•    Chronic constipation is often the cause of acne. A treatment for cleansing your system would act as an acne cleanser too.

•    Hormonal surges during adolescence, pregnancy and at certain times during the menstrual cycle also cause acne.

Acne Cleansers

While acne is a skin “disorder”, it is not a dangerous or debilitating disease. The problem with acne is an aesthetic and social one. A clear, glowing skin is considered in all cultures a sign of good health and attractiveness. Hence we all aspire to it and would like our skins to be cleansed of acne and its ugly scars. It is not necessary to use medication or medicated cosmetic products in order to get rid of acne. You could try some simple home remedy acne cleansers:

•    As mentioned above, a balanced diet goes a long way in cleansing your system as well as in cleansing your skin from the inside out.

•    Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water a day to flush out all toxins and to prevent clogging of pores.

•    Water is the most natural and effective acne cleanser. Wash your face with cold water every time you come home from out or cook or have a hot meal. This will help not only in cleaning your face of grime and oil, but will also close and tighten your pores.

•    Rub cucumber juice into your face for a gentle acne cleanser. Cucumber will moisturise and cleanse your face at the same time.

•    Rose water too is an excellent remedy for acne. Splash some on your face each time after you wash it, before applying sunscreen or moisturiser. Rose water acts as a toner and tightens the pores. You could also mix rose water with lemon juice and rub on to your face and leave for half an hour before washing. This makes a very effective acne cleanser since lemon is known for its skin cleansing properties.

•    Use a paste made with yogurt and medium oatmeal to cleanse and exfoliate your face.

•    You could also cleanse/ exfoliate using a 2:1 mixture of white and brown sugar with a little water.

These simple and economical acne cleansers from the kitchen shelf usually go a long way in helping deal with what is often a dreaded problem.