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Acne Care Treatment

Acne care treatment covers a vast body of knowledge as it is such widespread problem, and one that is yet highly debated. Acne is most common amongst adolescents and young adults, but can afflict individuals of any age. It generally appears as an irritating red rash on the areas of skin with higher oil production like the face, back and chest. It can also appear on other body parts like the upper arms and neck or shoulders. Acne does not pose a serious health risk and its effects may be short term, but it can also leave lasting scars and have a marked psychological effect as a result of the scarring. Our appearance is a lot more important than we like to admit and blemishes on our skin can significantly affect self esteem and confidence, contributing to depression and similar problems. The effects of acne and scarring in particular are more pronounced when the condition is neglected or not treated properly.

The causes of acne and the appearance of pimples are still not clear and therefore debated. There are certain factors however that most likely contribute to the outbreak of both adult and teen acne. These include hormonal changes or imbalance, dietary factors, heredity, nutritional deficiencies, and stress among others. Since the causes are uncertain it makes more sense for us to focus on acne care treatment.

Here are some simple natural remedies and practices that you can incorporate into your acne care treatment plan:

  • Use some cooked oatmeal as a topical application for your face and leave it on for at least fifteen minutes before washing.
  • Garlic cloves work as a simple household herbal remedy for acne. Just rub them gently over the acne affected areas.
  • A lavender compress can offer relief from the irritation and inflammation.
  • Apply egg whites over your face and leave it on until it dries, after which it can be washed off.
  • The consumption of cucumber juice is also believed to help relieve the problem. Cucumber juice can also be applied to the affected skin with a cotton swab.

These are just a few remedies that you can follow. In addition to these measures it would be wise to watch your diet as a balanced diet with moderation is essential. Both deficiencies and excesses of any nutrient can contribute to the problem. Make it a point to also follow normal skin care practices like keeping your skin clean, protecting it from the elements, and avoiding the use of harsh skin care and cosmetic products. Following of these measures should ensure the success of your acne care treatment.