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Home Care for Dandruff

When your scalp itches excessively, you have dandruff even if you have dry or oily scalp. Dry scalp with dandruff yields white dry flakes while dandruff-infested oily scalp produce those boggy pustules. Using medicated shampoos can lessen the unwanted condition but it can never completely treat the condition. Instead the dandruff worsens when the use of the medicated shampoos are terminated.

But what causes dandruff? There are several theories about the causes of dandruff, and newer cures are being developed. In the meantime, until these cures are discovered, one can rely on home care for dandruff problems.  Dandruff treatment varies from herbal treatments, to home remedies, to hair care, and to other dandruff remedies.

The popularity of the virgin coconut oil has not exempted its use for dandruff remedies.  Heat 6 tablespoons of coconut oil, cool and massage it into the scalp. Leave it for an hour; if you want better results, leave it overnight.

Wash this off with a mild shampoo. You will be surprised at the stunning results. You get stunning shiny hair. If you use this treatment for a month, your dandruff will go away. Putting a drop of eucalyptus oil will make the concoction even more effective. The eucalyptus oil will stimulate the oil glands.

Another version of the coconut treatment is to grate fresh coconut meat. Massage into the scalp and hair leave it overnight. Do this twice a week. This will provide you with relief from the dandruff.

Natural cure for dandruff

Oil soaks and vinegar rinses are other home care for dandruff. While lemon and even mayonnaise can be good hair care regimen, these can also minimize dandruff. When trying oil soaks, massage the hair with warm olive oil. Wrap with a heated towel. When the towel cools off, reheat the towel and rewrap the hair with it. The entire procedure will take an hour. 
If you notice that you are getting pimples on your face, you are likely scratching your scalp. The dead cells get embedded in the nails and get transferred to the face together with the fungus that may be the cause of the dandruff.

Precaution should be exercised in the proper use of medicated shampoos. Follow the instructions carefully to get maximum results. Do not allow other members of the family to use your comb, bed sheets, pillows and other personal belongings that may infect others with the fungus that has caused dandruff and hair loss. 

Proper hygiene must be observed. Wash the hair frequently to rid excess oil that harbors the fungus. The hair and scalp should be rinsed thoroughly to prevent the pile up of unwanted residue. Avoid using the combs of your friends and family. Soak your pillows, combs, towels and sheets in warm water with antiseptic to prevent the spread of dandruff.

With regards to food, avoid excessive caffeine, junk food, and sweets. Avoid bananas and citric fruits. If the doctor prescribes a fruit and vegetable diet then follow it strictly. Drink lots of water, and get enough rest and exercise. Get the necessary food supplement to have healthy scalp and hair.

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