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Getting rid of Dandruff

Dandruff is a persistent condition. Surprisingly, this can be controlled with a good dandruff shampoo and some home remedies for dandruff. However, there is no permanent method on how to get rid of dandruff.
Sometimes the home remedies for dandruff is just inside your refrigerator or your medicine cabinet. Look inside your ref, do you have yoghurt? If your scalp is overly dry, it is a good place for dandruff to grow. Massaging yogurt into the scalp will stimulate the sebaceous glands.

You can make a concoction of egg and yoghurt. This will nourish the hair and balance the oil condition of the scalp. This should be left on the scalp and hair for thirty minutes before rinsing and shampoo.

In your shelf, you may have a bottle of cider vinegar. Applying to the scalp prior to shampooing the hair can restore the ph balance of your hair and scalp. Surprisingly, cider vinegar has yielded good results in getting rid of dandruff.

If your scalp itches terribly, you can add two drops of olive and massage this into your scalp. Leave this overnight. Or try a tablespoon of lemon juice with a pinch of black pepper. Massage into the scalp and shampoo for good hair care.

Don’t look now, but Listerine is becoming a byword in the treatment of dandruff. Apply a tablespoon of Listerine before you shampoo. You will experience a fine tingling of the scalp. Massage your scalp until the Listerine is spread evenly. Shampoo and rinse well.

Preventing Dandruff:

Medicated shampoos can also help you in your effort of getting rid of dandruff. Medicated shampoos with Zinc pyirthione are for dandruff caused by yeast and fungi.

Ketoconazole-based shampoos are also used against dandruff caused by fungi and yeasts. Stopping the treatment will see the return of the dandruff. Selenium-sulfide-based medicated shampoos control dandruff but once stopped the condition returns. Salicylic-acid-based shampoos help the scalp shed skin easily and therefore prevent the clogging of pores.

Other ways to treat dandruff include getting enough rest, avoiding stress, and eating the right food. Learning to manage stress will help your overall health. High stress levels can lead to dandruff and even make existing conditions worse.

Shampooing often if you have oily scalp can eliminate excess oil that attracts dandruff. However, one should rinse the hair thoroughly after each shampoo and conditioning. Cutting back on the use of hair products can help eliminate or ease the dandruff condition. Hair sprayers, colorants, and waxes can destroy the ph balance of the scalp and hair and lead to dandruff.

A healthy diet of vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains with small portions of meat is ideal to maintain good scalp and prevent hair loss and health of hair.

The science of dandruff cure is still evolving; and perhaps later, there will be newer remedies or a permanent cure. But until then, these remedies will do.

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