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Wrinkle Cream

The obsession to look younger than the actual age has resulted in cosmetic companies coming up with a lot of anti-aging products that promise wrinkle reduction and skin revitalization.  These products are said to make your skin look younger, firmer and smoother.  However, not everyone are convinced with the effectiveness of these products, that is why they go to more expensive methods of having their wrinkles lessened.  But, for others who are not as thick in the pockets as these people, they just contend themselves to buying these creams.

When you want to get the best out of a wrinkle cream, you have to be aware of the ingredients that are contained in them, which are considered as more effective in getting the desired results.  There are quite a number of studies conducted already that suggest the efficacy of some wrinkle cream ingredients as opposed to other ingredients.  You shouldn't expect these creams to give you the same effects as a face lift though because they are just formulated to improve the condition of your skin, which also depends on the length of time you used the product and how often.

Here are just some of the ingredients that you should look for in a wrinkle cream, that are known to provide the results that you might want:

  • Hydroxy Acids.  These acids are known skin exfoliants or substances that are meant for the removal of the uppermost layer of your skin that has become old and dead.  After the peeling, they also act as a stimulant for smoother and newer skin that is pigmented evenly.  When using creams that contain this acids, you should put on a sunscreen, as susceptibility to sun damage is increased by these acids.  Beta hydroxy acids, alpha hydroxy acids and poly hydroxy acids are the most common hydroxy acids that could be found in anti-aging products.
  • Tea Extracts.  Because green, oolong and black tea extracts are known to have antioxidant compounds, they are also found in creams that are known to reduce wrinkles.
  • Retinol.  A compound found in Vitamin A, retinol is the first ever antioxidant that was used primarily for anti-aging creams.  You should avoid this type of compound though if you are pregnant because it is a high risk ingredient that could cause birth defects.
  • Coenzyme Q10.  A nutrient that aids in the regulation of the cells' energy production, Coenzyme Q10 have been proven to reduce the fine webbing of wrinkles around the eye area, with no known side effects.

Even if you have already found creams that contain these ingredients, you can be too sure as to the safeness and the efficacy of the products.  So, it is best that you try them out first on a sensitive area of your body aside from your face first to test for any allergic reaction.