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Laser Resurfacing

Even if wrinkling might be a natural accompaniment to aging, there are really people who will use every means available to them just so they can look younger longer.  With the many breakthroughs in both medical and technological fields, there are now many wrinkle treatment methods provided to these types of people and laser resurfacing is one of them.

In this skin resurfacing procedure, which is also known as a “laser peel”, a laser of carbon dioxide is utilized in removing layer after layer of skin that has been either damaged or wrinkled.  This method is intended to reduce the fine lines that usually appear on the area around the eyes and the mouth, which are the two most common areas where the first few wrinkles that come with age are seen.  Aside from wrinkling though, laser skin resurfacing is also known to effectively treat scars on the face as well as other skin areas that are affected by pigmentation that is quite uneven.

Laser resurfacing could be done on specific areas of the face or on the whole face itself.  There are quite a number of persons who have this procedure done alongside another plastic surgery operation like the one done on the eyelids or a facelift.  Although, this anti-wrinkle method is still quite new, it has been noted that there are cases where discomfort after the operation as well as the bruising and bleeding were less as opposed to other resurfacing methods.

This laser skin resurfacing method is conducted through the use of a laser energy beam that is intended to zap layers upon layers of the wrinkled or damaged skin at a penetration level that is very much controlled and specific.  If you think you would like to try out this type of cosmetic procedure, it is best to consult with a cosmetic surgeon first before you make a decision.  He or she will be the one to determine if this procedure is really the one that could offer you the best benefits, like if you have the right type of skin for the method to be effective.

The laser resurfacing procedure is just performed in a minimal period of time.  It is typically completed after just several minutes, although it can also be as long as one and a half hours.  The length of time for the procedure largely counts on the size of the area to be treated.  If the damage to the skin is deeper than usual, then the doctor will usually suggest that the resurfacing be conducted in more than one session.  Once the procedure is finished, creams or ointments meant to protect your treated skin will be applied and these creams are usually meant to be applied always until the full healing of the treated area is achieved.  Other surgeons put bandages over the areas which were treated and covered with creams.  These bandages are meant to protect the treated skin for at least five to ten days.