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Nostril Piercing

Piercing the cartilage part of the nose is a common practice in many cultures. Though nose piercing no longer remains just attached to certain cultures, it has become more of a fashion statement today.
The skin of the nose, or the soft cartilage part, is pierced to put on jewelry. The nose has today become one of the commonest parts of the body to be pierced. In the nose, most people go in for piercing their nostrils.
Traditionally nose piercing was associated with myths of making child bearing easy by making a piercing on the nostril which is directly connected to the female reproductive organ. After the piercing, a single stone stud or a hoop was worn in the piercing. The studs come with different closures, namely- L closure, ball closure and flat back. Apart from the religious and the cultural aspects of nose piercing, it has become extremely popular with the punk culture of late 1980s and the 90s. Where earlier nose piercing was majorly the domain of women, today men are also actively getting their noses pierced.
There are three places on the nose where piercings are most commonly made – nasal septum piercing, nostril piercing and bridge piercing.
The most common of all is the nostril piercing. Either side of the nostrils can be pierced. Some even pierce both and wear jewelry in both the piercing simultaneously. Any kind of jewelry can be worn in the nostril piercing since the nostrils are the most convenient of all piercings.
The nasal septum piercing is also known as the bull ring. In this kind of piercing, the soft cartilage portion of the nose that makes up the dividing wall of the two nostrils is pierced. The pierce is not exactly made on the cartilaginous portion, but the small gap between the bottom of the nose and the cartilage tissue. This kind of piercing has to be done very carefully since the nose has many nerves running through it. Also the nasal septum piercing is perhaps one of the most painful piercings. It takes about a month to three months to completely heal.
The Bridge piercings are made on the top of the nose. There is a small flap of skin on the top of the nose, close to the area of skin that lies near the forehead between the two eyes. The needle is inserted into the flap of skin, carefully avoiding the bone. Usually barbells, both curved and straight, are used in this kind of piercing. This is usually the least common of the piercings because of the highly complicated and painful procedure.