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Lip Piercing Tips

Lip piercing has become the latest body piercing trend these days. Be it upper lip piercing or a piercing anywhere else on the lips, people love to sport rings and studs on their lips.
Though the placing may seem awkward to many at first, a lot of people get their lips pierced and wear rings in sets or pairs. A pierced lip usually takes about 3-4 weeks to heal completely. Till the time it heals though, a lip piercing scar may appear. The scar tissue however, dries off and gets removed on its own.
Initially, just after the piercing, a captive bead ring or a labret stud is worn. This jewelry is typically made out of high quality hypoallergenic stainless steel. It is also made of high grade titanium or metals that are light in weight and are inert. Whatever type of jewelry is used, the length or the diameter is always more than what is required to make room for the ensuing swelling. Later on, when the piercing is healed, the jewelry can be replaced with another piece that is smaller and is tighter fitting.
Pierced lips usually poses a threat of damage to the gums and the teeth. The constant rubbing of the metal jewelry with the soft tissue of the gums can cause damage and irritation.
Lip piercing can be done anywhere on the lips, however, usually the surface of the lip is not pierced. Different placement of the piercings has different names. This is usually called ‘bites’. Some of these have been named after famous people.
Take for example the Monroe piercing. Monroe piercing is named after the famed Marilyn Monroe after her legendary upper lip mole. The piercing here is worn on the upper lip. Then there is also the medusa piercing, named after the monster medusa. This piercing is worn in the middle of the upper lip. The labret piercings are worn in the centre or even off centre. The labret piercing can be upper or lower, depending upon the placement.

Here are some of the other popular ‘bites’:

  • Angelbites—this piercing is worn on the upper lip. There are two piercings, on either side of the upper lip. It looks like inverted snake fangs.
  • Cyberbites—typically a medusa piercing, this one is worn with a labret underneath the centre of the lip.
  • Spiderbites—this is usually worn on the lower lip in sets of two. Both the piercings are placed on the same side of the lower lip in this kind of piercing.
  • Snakebites—this looks a lot like the fangs of a snake and hence the name. In this piercing, the pierce is made on each side of the lower lip, however, they are not too wide apart.
  • Viperbites—somewhat like the snake bites, the only difference being that in this style, both the piercings are placed on the extreme ends of the lower lip.
  • Dogbites—this one has a set of four piercings. With both snake bites and angel bites.