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How to do ear piercing?

Ear piercing, the commonest of all body piercings, is usually done at a very tender age for most girls. The reasons are many – aesthetics, and cultural and traditional reasons amongst them.
While parents of young girls would rather go in for the simple ear lobe piercing, there are many other ways to pierce ears. The following is a list of the various kinds of ear piercings that you can get on:

Types of ear piercing:

The Anti-Tragus piercing: In this kind of piercing, the pierce is made on the fold of the ear cartilage that sits a little raised on the outer side of the ear. This is located right above the ear lobe. Most often, the anti tragus is too small to be pierced; however there are ways to get that done too. Though it is not really advisable to get the anti tragus pierced. The cartilage is delicate and a piercing may result into a wound that refuses to heal.
The Auricle piercing: The auricle or the rim of the ear is actually another cartilaginous portion of the ear that runs along the outer edge of the ear. In auricle piercing, usually the ball closure type of rings are worn in this kind of piercing even though they get caught into clothes, hooks and cause a lot of discomfort.
The Conch: This is a completely cartilaginous portion of the ear that makes up for the entire back of the ear. Barbells and labrets should be used in this kind of a piercing. The others cause snags and can really aggravate the wound.
The Diath: Also known as the Crux of Helix, this cartilaginous fold lies closest to the ear canal. It sits directly beneath the ear rook. Curved barbells are usually used for these ear piercings. The ear cartilage piercing can cause a lot of discomfort and therefore a lot of care needs to be taken in this kind of ear piercing.
The Industrial piercing: This ear piercing usually requires two separate piercings that have one single long barbell going through them. Initially two piercings are made on the rim of the ear and two separate jewelry pieces are inserted. At a later stage when the piercings are healed, a single piece of jewelry can be inserted.
The Ear Lobe: The earlobe piercing is the commonest form of ear piercing. This piercing is made on the fleshy part of the ear that hangs at the bottom of the ear. The piercing is made at the centre of the lobe and any kind of jewelry can be worn on this piercing.